Environmental Assistance

AAA Business Supplies & Interiors has environmentally responsible solutions available in office products, cleaning supplies, breakroom products and furniture. As a green certified company, AAA would be excited to work closely with you to identify how to best achieve your environmental goals. Some of the most common environmental solutions are listed below. Please note that the majority of the suggestions will save you money while helping the environment!

Environmental Solutions

  • Use recycled products with as much post-consumer content as possible
  • Use paper produced with FSC-certified fiber, produced in responsibly managed forests
  • Use process chlorine free (PCF) recycled paper or elemental chlorine free (ECF) virgin paper
  • Use Green Seal certified paper products
  • Purchase remanufactured toner and ink cartridges
  • Use bio-based breakroom products, such as utensils, cups and plates
  • Use paper towel and tissue dispensers to reduce usage by 20%
  • Use chemical management systems to significantly reduce chemical and water usage
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products that perform effectively
  • Use cartridge based soap dispensers to significantly reduce chemical use and plastic waste
  • Use microfiber based cleaning systems to clean with less chemicals
  • Use floor matting to eliminate dirt and cleaning chemicals
  • Use compostable or recycled trash can liners
  • Use air fresheners that operate without batteries
  • Use touchless faucets to reduce water usage by up to 70%
  • Use waterless or reduced flush urinals to save water
  • Use low VOC emission products to improve indoor air quality
  • Use energy star certified machines to reduce energy use
  • Use cleaning machines designed to reduce cleaning product, water and energy use
  • Use quiet machines that can clean during the day to eliminate lighting offices at night
  • Use LED lighting to reduce energy and CO2 emissions
  • Use recycling systems to capture and recycle waste
  • Have AAA pick up your used toner and ink cartridges for recycling
  • Use rechargeable batteries to eliminate toxic batteries from being discarded into our waste stream
  • Use refillable pens and pencils
  • Use furniture certified as meeting Indoor Air Quality standards
  • Order less frequently to conserve the amount of fuel required to make deliveries to you.






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