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10 Best Lifehacks With Office Supplies

Throughout the office there are supplies that could be used for greater purposes. Most people would be surprised to learn how everyday office supplies could be implemented to make life so much easier.
We outline 10 of the best lifehacks using office supplies.

1. Use larger, binder clips to organize all your chargers and electronic wires. This simple tip will keep your wires properly positioned, without damage for years of use to come!

2. Before disposing an old post-it note, use it to clean hard to reach spaces in between your keys on the keyboard. Get rid of dust, crumbs, and other dirt that will stick to the post-it note for easy cleanups.

3. Use a stapler remover to open your car keys. Give your fingers a break and save time without having to stand trying to open your key ring.

4. Tie a rubber band over a door lock if you want to keep the door open without latching.

5. Use the end of a paper clip to unclog salt and pepper shakers. Residue will be removed and you will be able to shake and bake with no delay.

6. Are you sick of not being able to find the end of the tape roll? Use a square and colored paper clip to add a distinct and visible reminder of where the tape begins.

7. Use a black sharpie marker to mitigate scuffs on the bottom of shoes. Simply trace the outline of the mark and fill the interior with black marker to the shoe look brand new.

8. Use Scotch Tape to clean dust, grime, and other dirt off your computer screen. Simply put several pieces of tape across your screen, remove, and instantly see clearer!

9. Put two pens together to create an effective door stop. Place one on top of the other which will create traction. Let in natural air for hours to come.

10. Take an old pen and disassemble the parts until you find the spring. Use the pen spring as a USB cord or charger maintainer to keep your cords straight, without damage.

Is there an office supply life hack that you feel is useful? If so, feel free to share your ideas on our Facebook or Twitter page.