Productivity Power with 3M

Productivity Power with 3M

The 3M Company and Evernote have joined together to create the Post-it Plus App. Together they have managed to bring one of the most iconic paper products to the digital age. 3M produces more than 55,000 products and has operations in more than 65 countries. It follows a business model based on the ability to not only develop unique products, but also to manufacture them efficiently and consistently around the world (3M). 3M products are catered to clients that value productivity and ingenuity in the workplace. Evernote products have increased in popularity due to their ability to help a wide range of business professionals become more efficient and collaborative in the workplace. The Post-it Plus App is a perfect example of the strengths both companies bring to the table.

The Post-it Plus App has been listed as one of the best, new, and free Apps on the iTunes App Store. This mobile app enables you to capture, organize, and share your ideas and notes from all of your mobile devices. Evernote keeps everything together and is able to sync across all devices. With collaboration being the buzz word in today’s business world, this is a must-have app.

Is it easy to use? How does it work?

First, you take pictures of your Post-it’s with your device’s camera. This app can capture up to 50 square Post-it Notes simultaneously. Team meetings are notorious for having their whiteboards covered in neon sticky paper. You can actually choose which ones you want to save before you create your digital board because each note has checkmarks on top. With just a swipe of your finger you can reposition, rename, and reorganize your notes on this digital board. The Post-it panel can be stretched vertically or horizontally in a grid-like pattern, based purely on your preference. While you cannot re-write the notes themselves, they can be deleted. You can also select specific favorites, brighten certain notes, or rotate the positions in a manner that suits you.

Should I add yet another app to my mobile device? Is it worth it?

First of all, it is free! This digital, virtual board of Post-it Notes can be sent to other applications –including Excel, Dropbox, and PowerPoint. You can easily change or convert them to .pdf and .zip. You can email, text, and share your project via all avenues of social media. Multiple boards can be combined, allowing your teammates to share ideas, and collaborate more effectively. Anyone can organize, create, or dole out those light-bulb ideas that don’t necessarily happen during the team-meeting. There are lots of scenarios where this app would come in handy.  Just think, you will no longer have to keep track of all of those neon stickies! Contact us to help you and your team obtain the competitive edge needed in today’s market.