5 Simple Ways to Increase your iPhone Storage

5 Simple Ways to Increase your iPhone Storage

Are you frustrated trying to manage your iPhone storage on a daily basis? Most iPhone users are not aware of the simple ways that they can free-up storage on their phones.  Clean out the old and bring in the new with these five simple and hassle-free ways to increase your iPhone storage without wasting money on cloud storage:

Delete apps that you don’t use

Delete Unused Apps

We have all downloaded those apps that are popular and free. For example, you might download a game, play it once, and then never open it again – you should think about deleting it. The golden rule is if you haven’t used an app in a week, then it probably isn’t worth keeping.

Delete old messages

Delete Old Messages

For all you iMessage hoarders, it’s time to delete those texts from 2012!  You will most likely never view a text message after a day, so what is the point of saving messages that are years old? For iOS8 users, there is a setting that automatically deletes read text messages that are a month old instead of keeping them forever.

How to automatically delete old messages

Keep Messages

Clear your browser history

Browser History

You would be astonished by how much storage your Safari utilizes. Every time you conduct a search, simply delete your history. You can also delete cookies within the settings tab. If you’re not one to remember things, just switch your search mode to private – it doesn’t save any browsing data.

How to clear your browser history.

Clear History and Website Data

Delete multiple photos when using HDR

HDR Photos

Most people are not aware that when you use the high-definition setting (HDR) to take a picture that the iPhone automatically saves both the regular and high-def version. Simply go into your settings, choose Photos & Camera, and deselect Keep Normal Photo to make sure you aren’t saving both versions.

Use apps that save storage


If you are obsessed with taking photos and videos, you should take time to consider downloading an app like Dropbox. These types of apps save your videos and photos as well as documents to an online server, thus, reducing the memory used. iPhones take some of the most impressive photos and videos. It is sometimes hard to believe that such beautiful images can be taken from a mobile phone.