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6 Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Google Chrome, hands-down is the most popular browser thanks in part to its stability and huge number of time-saving and useful extension (over 10,000 in Chrome's Web Store). These lightweight mini-programs or Chrome extensions are the focus of this article and how they can help you 'crush your work' by improving workflow and saving you time. We've shared 6 of our favorites and believe us, it was hard narrowing it down to just 6.

From checklists to recurring tasks, Trello is great for project management

Managing Projects

For office managers, facilities executives, and admins there's no end in sight for the mountains of tasks they manage. At AAA many of our departments rely on Trello to drag and drop high priority projects into boards, checklists, and cards. Because things move so fast around here, the Trello extension makes adding a new project and task to individual boards and lists a breeze. If you're familiar with Google, you'll have no problem getting started. Optimizing works flows and ensuring nothing falls between the cracks, you’ll be well on your way to being a Trello-ist in no time!

Pomodoro Technique - For when you need to get things done!

Maintaining Momentum

Assigning a task is easy; completing the project in time is tough! Pioneered by Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management system for hitting those big deadlines. Rather than working nonstop, it encourages you to take mini breaks. If you hate tracking your breaks by hand, the Marinara: Pomodoro Timer automates the process through your browser.

Grammarly Chrome Extension for... Grammar!

Quality Control

Some folks are walking dictionaries; others like myself aren't as gifted. As a muggle, Grammarly's Chrome Extension is a godsend! The free version checks practically everything you open in Chrome and offers suggestions to improve word choice and readability. An absolute must for those who write for a living.

Caught something on your company site that needs fixing? It can be hard to adequately describe to site managers and IT what's causing a fuss. Capture full-screen snapshots with QSnap. With it, you can even write in-line notes to call out specific areas. Lost in translation? That doesn’t happen anymore with QSnap.

No more fumbling around for passwords with Lastpass!

Password Security

Remembering a single password is no biggie.  Keeping track of a bunch is an absolute pain. LastPass is a free password manager that securely stores your password and pulls them up for logging into your most frequented sites. Say goodbye to shared spreadsheets that aren't updated often enough. Just remember your LastPass credentials and click save user details when creating an account on a new site. 

No more fumbling around for passwords with Lastpass!

Staying Focused

Made a promise to better manage time in your day, and spend less time on your social media feeds? Here's a nifty extension to help you make good on that promise. StayFocusd puts up a temporary barrier between you and your biggest distractions. Highly customizable, StayFocusd can block entire domains and in-page site content for hours on end. In conjunction with PomodoroTimer, nothing stands between you and the finish line!

With these 6 Chrome extensions, you’re well on your way to crush your workday.