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Active Seating with the Muvman

Getting to Know Active Seating

We are all becoming more aware of the dangers of prolonged sitting. As we are seeing more and more companies incorporate sit-stand desks for employees, what about incorporating Active Seating? Current research has linked extended periods of sitting with obesity, increased blood pressure and heightened cholesterol levels. Research is also showing that excessive and prolonged standing can result in lower back pains, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis among other dangers. Alternatively, for tasks that require fine motor skills, juggling between standing and concentrating can diminish the quality of your work.

As a facilities manager or decision maker for furniture in your office, what's the seating alternative to help your employees reap the rewards of greater productivity without falling prey to the negatives of sitting or standing? Several companies have designed and produced seating solutions in response to a growing need for adaptable seating. For today's discussion, we'll take a look at the Muvman Active Seating Stool.

A Happy Medium with the Muvman

By nature, we were never meant to stay in one position for too long. Taking this into account, the German-based designers at Aeris created the award-winning Muvman to uncage us from traditional office chairs. Distributed right here in the United States by VIA Seating, the Muvman redefines sitting/standing at shifting heights. Fully extended, the stool measures 33 inches from its base, 20 inches at its lowest. At first glance, you may have doubts about its stability, but a nonslip rubber ring at the base keeps you in place while protecting fine hardwoods and carpet floors. Weighing in at an incredible 14.2 lbs, the stool is remarkably light with a built in handle for moving around.

A wide base, slight tilt and lightweight makes this an excellent option for sit/stand desk users.

Notice the slight lean forward? The stem's mild 4º lean encourages 'perching,' rather than fully seating as you would a traditional office chair. This helps to relieve spinal compression, wards off fatigue and promotes a more upright working posture. Want to take a break from standing? Simultaneously press both pads beneath the seat and push down to your desired height; it's that easy. Spreading your feet to create a wider base also engages your leg muscles and prevents blood from pooling into your legs. An innovative "muvzone" joint permits smooth, controlled micro movements in a 360º radius, without the wobbling and tilting. Perfect for opening up your hip flexors.

With the Active Muvman, finding relief from prolonged sitting OR standing is second nature. There's more than one way!

Verdict: An Innovative Solution that Pays Dividends

Thanks in part to our office furniture team, we were able to nab a working Muvman Active Seating stool to experience firsthand. When getting into the groove of a project, the stool's flexibility and ample leg clearance allowed us to find instant relief from periodic standing. Finally, the Muvman's light weight, ample padding, and handle make impromptu meetings in different parts of an open office second nature.

In the battle to conquer sedentary work patterns, it's worth exploring an Aeris Muvman in your office. Available in several colors (gray, black, blue and green), the stylish Muvman is an excellent best of both worlds seating option. The world isn't black and white, so why should your chair be? Get Muvin!

Have a question on how to implement stylish yet ergo friendly office furniture in your workspace? Our highly experienced team of interior designers, furniture experts, and installation teams are available to help you find the right solution for your office. Drop us a line below if you're interested in seeing what we can do for you.