No strong-armed employee wants to be stationed close to an old-fashioned water cooler that uses giant five-gallon bottles. Whenever the bottle runs dry, this poor employee is the default replacer of said water bottle, lugging a new 45-pound jug of liquid freshness to the dispenser.

Obviously, nobody enjoys being interrupted and breaking their back to carry around those giant jugs of water. However, there are plenty of other reasons why a plumbed-in water cooler makes more sense than a bottled water cooler.

Less waste. Did you realize it takes three times as much water to manufacture a single bottle of water than it does to fill that bottle? That’s an individual bottle, not a five-gallon jug. Those bottles are recyclable, but they take decades to decompose, and they contaminate our water and soil.

Less fuel. Thousands of gallons of fuel are burned for bottling, storage and transportation of refill bottles. The emissions then pollute our air. A plumbed-in water cooler is an infinitely more environmentally friendly option.

Less space. In addition to being heavy, those bulky, five-gallon bottles of water take up a lot of valuable real estate in the office. As your staff grows, the space you set aside for water bottles will have to grow as well. A plumbed-in water cooler simply connects to your water line.

Lower, more predictable costs. Remember the bottling, storage and transportation for bottled water, and how it affects the environment? You pay for that when you use a bottled water cooler, and those costs could rise any time. With a plumbed-in water cooler, you only pay for renting the cooler and for an annual filter change. Of course, you also need to pay your water bill.

Unlimited hot or cold water. Employees without fresh water are almost as cranky as employees without fresh coffee. A plumbed-in water cooler never runs out, eliminating the need to monitor your office water supply and coordinate deliveries.

Safer, cleaner water. Filtration and purification systems in a plumbed-in water cooler ensure clean, healthy drinking water while reducing the risk of contaminants in and around your water cooler. We use multi-stage filtration, including sediment and granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, as well as a UV lamp to prevent bacteria growth in the water tank.

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