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The Explanation & Benefits of a GSA Contract


It’s time to demystify the “GSA Contract”. Let’s start with the first part “GSA”.

GSA stands for “General Services Administration”. According to the GSA Administrator, Dan Tangherlini, the GSA:

Serves a vital role…to build a more sustainable, responsible and effective government for the American people. GSA is responsible for improving the government’s workplace by managing assets, delivering maximum value in acquisitions, preserving historic property and implementing technology solutions.”

In essence, the GSA is responsible for acquiring and managing all the resources the federal government needs to operate. Resources can include office supplies, furniture, toner, facility supplies, transportation, vehicle needs, technology and more.  All of these products and services are under what is called the “GSA Contract” or “GSA Schedule”, which brings us to the next piece of the puzzle…

The GSA Contract

Also known as Federal Supply Schedules, GSA Contracts (or Schedules) are long term government-wide contracts put in place with commercial firms to provide access to commercial products and services, at discounted pricing. The discounts are typically offered at volume discount pricing, since the Federal Government looks to combine and leverage their overall purchasing power. Hence, contracts with specific vendors are awarded under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), which contain negotiated pricing, delivery rates, terms, conditions and warranties. This enables the employees to know what to buy from whom, so they can focus on what is most important – running the government.

What are the Benefits?

To simplify, there is one main benefit – streamlined and simplified procurement. The Government can reduce soft costs by knowing from which qualified vendors to purchase goods or services. They do not need to research or negotiate to find the best deal as they are pre-negotiated with suppliers. In addition, there is a “hard cost” savings to be realized as well as the prices have been negotiated to be the lowest prices available.

AAA Business Supplies & Interiors Offers GSA Approved Furniture Programs for Federal Government Agencies

We deal with the following manufacturers who offer Government customers aggressive GSA pricing. This guarantees that the government will receive the best pricing from these approved manufacturers, and that these manufacturer cannot offer anyone else a lower price, assuring the Federal Government the best pricing on the market.

  • HON
  • ERG
  • Humansccale
  • National
  • KI
  • Eagan Visual
  • Global
  • Mayline
  • National
  • OCI-Sitwell
  • Office Master
  • RFM Seating
  • Spaceco
  • Trendway
  • Versteel

For more information please visit our Interiors division GSA information page.

What are the Benefits of working with AAA Business Supplies & Interiors?

  • AAA is a Green certified company
  • AAA is locally owned, keeping your dollars supporting the local economy
  • AAA supports you with highly experienced government supply specialists familiar with your account
  • AAA provides you with highly flexible and professional delivery personnel and furniture installers, who will work with you to meet your delivery needs