How to Create a Breakroom That Will Increase Productivity and Well-Being

How to Create a Breakroom That Will Increase Productivity and Well-Being

Productivity & Well-Being

The breakroom has evolved. Gone are the days of quick microwave meals, one lone water cooler and styrofoam cups that had been in the cabinet for decades. It has become an escape for people who need to step away from their work for a minute. A retreat to get a cup of tea or coffee, a place to grab healthy snack options and even a place for impromptu meetings. The breakroom has become the oasis for most office workers and more importantly a place that can breed productivity and well-being.

It’s integral to make sure that your breakroom is as inviting as it can be. By providing furniture that is not only comfortable but fosters collaboration and conversation, as well as amenities such as a robust beverage selection, healthy snacks, fresh fruit (and maybe a little chocolate now & then), the breakroom instantly provides added perks for your employees.

Clean & Healthy

Even the most inviting breakroom can be a place where germs and bacteria can fester and cause workers to get sick if not properly cleaned.

It’s very import for a company to keep their breakroom stocked with sanitizers and cleaning products. Recent findings published by the Workplace Wellness Intervention Study show that by keeping your breakroom clean & neat, you can reduce the spread of cold and flu germs by up to 80%.

We have all heard the one about your keyboard containing more germs than a toilet seat. Appealing? Not at all. In that light, think about how many germs can accumulate on the handle of the refrigerator, or the water cooler nozzle. Our guess is that it may even be more than what you find on your keyboard.

The bottom line? Keep it clean. If you have a cleaning crew make sure the breakroom gets a thorough cleaning each time they come in. Sometimes, it can get overlooked. It’s also a lot easier for employees to help keep the space spic and span when you have the right cleaning products easily accessible. Also make sure that the cleaning crews clean first, then disinfect, for best results.

The Checklist

Here is our checklist for breakroom must haves. Are they on your list?

  • Dish soap & sponges (replace sponges frequently as they can fester germs)
  • Hand soap dispensed touch free from factory sealed cartridges
  • Water cooler (hot & cold option is great)
  • Deodorizer/air freshener
  • Trash can liners and a trash can disinfecting spray
  • Snacks (nuts, granola, chocolate, etc…)
  • Coffee & tea (we now offer Philz Coffee for the breakroom!)
  • Drain cleaners
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Sanitizing/disinfecting wipes and/or spray
  • Plates & cups
  • Creamers and sweeteners
  • Paper towels dispensed touch free
  • Napkins & paper plates
  • Other beverages (soda, juice, iced tea)
  • Utensils
  • Microwave
  • Breakroom furniture (comfortable, collaborative tables and chairs)

By making an investment in a properly stocked breakroom, companies ensure that their employees are thriving in the workplace. When employees have a place where they can step away for a few minutes, they can recharge their batteries in a place that is not only comfortable but sanitary as well.

If your company is located in the Bay Area, contact us to day and we will get you on your way to a breakroom that is clean, healthy and well-stocked.