Bringing Philz Coffee to Offices Everywhere!

Bringing Philz Coffee to Offices Everywhere!

AAA Business Supplies is always looking for opportunities to partner with other Bay Area businesses. When customers voiced their desire for local premium gourmet coffee, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to partner with Philz Coffee to bring two of their most popular roasts to your office.

Different Roasts for Different Folks

Coffee lovers looking for a medium roast will be pleased with Philz’ Tesora blend. As Phil’s first and now quintessential coffee blend, Tesora is full bodied with aromatic notes of butter, nuts, and caramel. Ideal for pairing with something slightly sweet and nutty. Pecan pie anyone?
Philz Tesora Blend
For a darker blend that pairs well with a warmly toasted chocolate croissant, try Jacob’s Wonderbar. Created in honor of Phil’s only son, Jacob offers hints of chocolate, nuts, and clove. The longer roast time produces a darker blend with reduced acidity, making it perfect for those who love their coffee black. AAA Business Supplies offers both roasts in 1lb bags (whole or ground), along with 2.5 oz. fraction packs (18 per case) for drip brewers.

Because of our close proximity to Philz Coffee’s 48,000 square foot roasting plant in Oakland, we are delivering your coffee at peak freshness.

Serving Gourmet Coffee on Demand

Now that you’ve seen the beans, what’s the best approach for serving it in your office? Well that depends on your office size and the amount of coffee your team consumes. For small to medium sized offices (5 – 50 employees), a Newco Thermal Brewer is perfect for your breakroom. Because it prepares a large pot beforehand, serving time is a lot faster. Available in varying heights, these thermal brewers are incredibly easy to use and maintain.
Want to serve a variety of coffee and espresso beverages? Necta’s Krea offers bean-to-cup brewing along with a wealth of other beverage options. Perfect for offices where quality coffee and reliability are a priority. Up to 10 different coffee drinks from hot chocolate to espresso are available. Simply pour your beans into the top loading hopper and watch it go!
Want to bring the Philz Coffee experience to your office’s breakroom? Reach out and let’s start a conversation on what we can brew for you.