The Latest Collaborative Workspace Trends

The Latest Collaborative Workspace Trends

Collaborative workspaces have been around for a while, worldwide. As of late, there have been a few trends circling around this type of workspace design that I keep hearing about. Perhaps the biggest one has to do with collaborative workspaces being used as money savers. Allow me to elaborate.

Trend #1 – Smaller Office Spaces, Smaller Rent Bill

Let’s face it — real estate still remains expensive in some of the most desirable areas to set up shop such as in San Francisco, California. Companies are utilizing collaborative workspaces as a way to save money. Since a popular design trend of the collaborative office includes shared workspaces, companies can cut costs spent on office furniture. And, instead of renting or purchasing a larger office space, they can utilize a smaller space that’s one open room.

Trend #2 – Let the Sun Shine Through

The next trend is the use of natural light in extreme abundance. Companies are choosing office spaces that have a lot of windows so they can take advantage of the productivity enhancer known as natural light. By using less private offices, it’s easier for light to shine through an office space. On workstations that have walls, the trend is – short or see-through walls all the way.

Trend #3 – Home, Sweet Home

In an effort to make employees feel more comfortable and to provoke creativity, many companies are incorporating furniture and furnishings that would typically be found in a home. Among these include: sofas, bars, plants, trees, wooden floors, and more.

Products we love for a homey, collaborative office space:


Universal Tables

These elegant tables accommodate four to 12 chairs (various table sizes available). I like them because they are comfortable and modern. While they were made for cafeteria and dining use, how and where you use them is really up to you.


HON Flock Series Square Lounge Chair

A comfortable, flexible, and supportive chair. Available in bright colors including: blue, red, yellow, orange, and green.


Nu-Dell Artificial Tree – 6ft Tall – Bamboo 

In the Chinese culture, Bamboo represents character, integrity, and loyalty. The color green represents self-respect and well-being. Because of these meanings and the soothing effect Bamboo tends to have on people, Bamboo is one of my favorite plants to green up an office space with.

As more trends pop up, I’ll be sure to update you. In the meantime, visit our website for collaborative office furniture.