Breaking the Mold: Education Solutions for Today's Classroom

Breaking the Mold: Education Solutions for Today’s Classroom

This is a brand new school year with endless possibilities. When designing your classroom, a flexible and collaborative design, will help improve academic performance. Today’s students need a comfortable space with a motivating environment that encourages a wide range of activities from group learning to individual research. Here are some great ways to improve and organize your classroom.

Centralize the Class

Centralize the Class: Designing your classroom to be a flexible space, encourages teamwork, and improves students social skills.

Use flexible tables instead of individual student desks. With a table, students are encouraged to interact and work with those they may not have spoken to before.

Collaborative Classroom

Collaborative Classroom: Having a flexible space is ideal because it will foster partnerships and creativity.

Allowing students to choose their own seat will help to improve self-confidence. New friendships will be made and no student will feel left out.

Teacher Workstations

Teacher Workstations: With a mobile teaching station, a teacher can move around the space freely to work with different students or teams.

Even though your students may be in groups, you still want them to feel like an individual. With a portable teacher workstation, you can feel free to move about the classroom and meet with each student or team.

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