Brandon Jernigan: Marketing New Angles

Brandon Jernigan: Marketing New Angles

Brandon JerniganBrandon Jernigan, our new Marketing Engineer, joined the team at AAA Business Supplies & Interiors in January 2014 in a sales capacity and discovered his natural aptitude for Marketing along the way. We are so glad that he did! Brandon has brought new ideas and a fun spirit to our Marketing Department.

Brandon has lived in San Francisco for five years. By exploring the city and everything it has to offer, Brandon has become a real San Franciscan. He enjoys taking in a movie, trying the many new eateries in the area, as well as creating his own culinary masterpieces at home. He is also passionate about fitness, attending BodyPump classes, and going on a good hike in his free time to take in the natural beauty of California.

When Brandon isn’t sharing his good spirit with us, he can be found him balancing his free time between friends and family and learning new things. He feels learning about the world around him is very important. Whether he is exploring other cultures or keeping up with the latest developments in public transportation, he is always eager to share his new experiences.

At AAA we refer to Brandon as the ‘Human Wikipedia.’ Many of us joke he stores everything he has ever learned or read. His ability to retain information is amazing! While this is a talent Brandon shares with us almost daily, we are anxious to hear his tuba playing, if we can ever talk him into performing for us that is. After 10 years of playing, we expect he is pretty good at it, as he is with most things he attempts.

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