Hello, February! Not only is it home to Valentines’s Day and American Heart Month, February is also a great time to turn up the heat with some great looking office products. Stand up and stand out! There’s lots to love!

Swingline 747 ‘Red Rio’ Business Stapler

Believe it or not, the first iconic Red stapler wasn’t produced by Swingline at all. First appearing in Mike Judge’s cult classic Office Space (1999), moviegoers everywhere were desperate to snag one for themselves. Little did they know, Milton’s devoted stapler was a custom painted red at an auto body shop. Swingline finally gets in on the action in 2002 with their Red Rio stapler, which remains their best seller to this day.

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Precise V5 / V7 Rolling Ball Pens

Greatest Pens on the Planet? See for yourself. Pilot’s V5 / V7 liquid ink pens are perennial favorites—great for general notes and memos, quick sketching, or lettering invitations. With Pilot’s own Patented Precise Needle Point Technology and unique liquid ink formula, these rollerball pens deliver an even, continuous flow of ink for incredibly smooth, skip-free writing. Know when its time to replace your pen with a visible ink supply—but be warned, these pens will last a while! For a finer point pick up the V5 (0.5 mm), otherwise, the thicker V7 (0.77 mm) will do just fine.

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basyx by HON Perch

There’s a brilliant new way to work that has everyone on the edge of their seat. The basyx by HON Perch is an active seating solution that keeps you energized and productive all day, whether in the seated or standing height position. The pivoting base tilts forward to bring you closer to your work, while maintaining a healthy posture. Tilt forward for greater focus. Lean back to relax. Swivel side-to-side for conversations.

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‘Rocket Red’ Astrobrights Inkjet, Laser Print Colored Paper

At home, school, and in the office, these are the bold, deeply saturated colors that get all the attention –create vibrantly with Astrobrights Color Paper, in Rocket Red (24 lb bond). Each sheet is 20% thicker than standard paper, so you can achieve bleed-free results for single and double-sided documents. Display and store your creations with confidence, since each sheet is lignin and acid-free. Plus, this color copy paper saves money on pricey full-color ink, while acting as the perfect canvas. Just add black ink! Brighter colors. Brighter ideas. Great for attention-getting notices, flyers, announcements, bulletins and more!

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