Find Your Work Zen, Top 5 Feng Shui Elements for the Office

Find Your Work Zen, Top 5 Feng Shui Elements for the Office

Translated as “wind-water” in English, Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy centered on harmonizing human existence around the surrounding environment. Good Feng Shui promotes Qui (pronounced “chee” in English) or “energy flow”. The goal of good Feng Shui in a space is to balance the energies or Qui of that space, bringing health and good fortune to those who inhabit it. If you ask me, it sounds just perfect for an office space!

Here are our top 5 tips on how to harmonize the energy flow and bring the principles of Feng Shui into our office space. 

Clean the AirA good Feng Shui tip is to be mindful of the air you breathe. Most times, indoor air can contain more pollutants than outdoor air. The Feng Shui solution here is to use plants to essentially scrub the air clean. Some of the best plants to get the job done include: bamboo palms, lady palms, rubber plants, English ivy and several forms of Dracaena. Clean the Air


Cubicle Solutions

Cubicle Solutions Everything around you in the office will influence your personal energy. When working in a cubicle environment where the chair and desk position is set, sometimes you feel stuck. This situation can also limit your Feng Shui options. Try these tips:

  • Back to the door? Use a reflection to see what is going on behind you. A mirror works best.
  • Photos of great family and wonderful moments along with artwork created from bright colors can help influence positive energy.
  • Organize your office space. Clutter is a sure fire way to bring down energy levels.


No Windows Natural light is crucial to our health, well-being and energy levels. When you have low or no natural light, there are a few things you can do. Create Feng Shui lighting by investing in full-spectrum lighting and creating at least 3 levels of lighting in your office space. Use bright, vibrant colors on the walls, in furniture or as accent colors. Bring some nature indoors with a fountain or rock crystals. No Windows


Desk Placement

Desk Placement  There are two important things to note here when it comes to desk placement. If you can reposition your desk, keep these in mind.

  • Feng Shui Commanding Position: This is the spot that is furthest from the door and not directly in line with it. Typically, it is diagonally from the door and facing the door.
  • Good Feng Shui backing: This means you have good, strong Feng Shui energy behind your back.  A solid wall behind your back is best, strengthened with a good vibrant color or sensual energy art. No shelves, light fixtures or heavy items should be on the wall.


Attract Career Success Use the horse! In Feng Shui, the horse brings the energy of success & fame and symbolizes the Feng Shui element of Fire. Place a horse in your office, facing an opening such as a door or window. Attract Career Success


Questions on any of the tips mentioned above? Or are you ready to find your work Zen? If you are in the greater San Francisco bay area, contact us today to get started!