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Five Modern Office Must Haves

Out with tight, stuffy cubicles and in with open, flexible workspaces!  As a new generation enters the workforce, workspaces must adapt to inspire creativity and foster teamwork. Here are five design trends for the modern office space that do just that.


1. Collaborative, Open Workspaces

Collaborative workspace

Collaborative workspaces encourage employees to work together and connect with each other. Open workspaces contribute to a collaborative work environment and foster teamwork outside of the usual meeting areas. Unlike closed workspaces, open workspaces allow natural light in more easily and improve visual sight lines. More and more of our clients are selecting office furniture that is open and flexible which ultimately fosters productivity.

2. Focus on Technology

To be successful in attracting and retaining good talent, a progressive company must embrace the latest in technology – from iPad docking stations placed throughout the office, to large screen monitors for conferences. The days of a standalone PC for every workstation are quickly coming to an end. Cloud computing, laptops, and portable devices are changing the way people work and interact. Providing employees with working spaces that are laptop and mobile device friendly, gives them the flexibility to complete their work anywhere …in conference rooms, smaller meeting areas and even breakrooms. We love these chairs by “arcadia” which feature outlets built right in – instant meeting space!

3. Sit to Stand Work Environments

Sit to Stand Work Environments

This is a new trend and one that is being requested more and more. Sit-to-stand desks create a healthier workspace in the office and even classroom. The health benefits include:

  • Keeping the blood circulating
  • Continuous flexing of muscles
  • Increased focus and alertness
  • Decrease of fatigue
  • Overall happier and healthier employee

4. Go Eco


“Going Green” is not just a passing fad. More and more people are realizing the importance of reducing our waste and even buying products made from recycled materials. In addition, creating workspaces that bring the outdoors in are steadily gaining popularity. Gone are the days of fluorescent lights and plastic plants. Try these tips and pay homage to Mother Nature in your workspace.

  • Let in natural light instead of fluorescent bulbs, which are harsh on the eyes and tough on the environment.
  • Decorate the office space with plants. They bring positive energy into a space and many plants have been found to help clean the air naturally.
  • Furnishing your office space with eco-friendly office furniture.

5. Fresh Air

Fresh Air

If you work in an area that enjoys wonderful weather most of the year, much like our own Bay Area, consider creating an outdoor space for your employees. Whether it be an eating area, meeting area or even benches offering another place to site and work, creating outdoor spaces provide options & flexibility. These two qualities are very important in today’s work environment and who doesn’t like a little fresh air once in a while?

At AAA Business Interiors, our design team can help you incorporate these modern office design principles into your workspace. Contact us for more information.