Google Offices and Collaborative Design

Google Offices and Collaborative Design

The days of cubicles and small cramped desks are behind us. Today modern offices are full of brightly colored walls and furniture with open floor plans. Google offices all around the world are famous for their collaborative workspaces. You may have heard about Google’s offices in New York City where they occupy an entire block in the Chelsea section of town. But why has Google been so successful with their workspace design? Here are just a few good reasons.

Foster Imagination

Google: NYC Office

Source: Google, NYC

By making work fun, your employees won’t want to go home. Google offices offer great ways for people to “blow off steam.” They offer lots of things to do that take focus away from work and allow brains to recover. There are pool tables, massage rooms, swimming pools, slides and much, much, much more.

Outside Inside

Google: London Office

Source: Google, London

Chances are, not all your employees are going to be fortunate enough to get a window view. And in NYC, to have a view of the city is the most coveted spot. So Google solved this problem by bringing the outside inside. Walls are covered with the New York skyline or there is one that looks like yellow taxis are coming at you right down Broadway. The office in London has a garden inside of their offices. You can get fresh air without having to step out into the typical rainy England weather. Your workday will just fly by.

Open the Floor

Google: Dublin Office

4Source: Google, Dublin

With an open floor plan, unplanned interactions will happen. This helps to create a collaborative environment, that would otherwise not happen if your employees are sitting in a small cubicle for 8 hours a day. With a nice big open space, employees can have the freedom to move around and change their office view. Fresh ideas can come from a fresh view.

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