Green Choices for Your Office Coffee Service

“Green” Coffee – Beyond the Bean

Being one of the premier companies in the Bay area when it comes to providing premium coffee to its clients, AAA Business Supplies & Interiors is aware of the various ecological concerns that arise from the production and consumption of coffee. A Bay Area green -certified company in its own right, AAA Business Supplies & Interiors offers its customers coffee and coffee products that are ecologically friendly.

Starbucks Coffee and AAA Business Supplies

AAA proudly carries Starbucks brand coffee. Starbucks has been working with Conservation International for 12 years now to make sure that it’s following a set of guidelines known as Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices. The company is always finding and using farmers that practice sustainable farming and are eco-conscious in their coffee growing.

Other whole bean and pre-ground “green” coffee providers that AAA work with include Peet’sTully’s, Seattle’s Best and other premium local roasters. In the Bay Area, local coffee roasters are typically very eco-conscious and by sourcing local, we cut down on fuel emissions.

Green Mountain Coffee’s Commitment To Sustainability

One of the other major brands that AAA offers is Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, formerly know as Green Mountain Coffee, which was ranked #1 on the list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens” twice by Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Green Mountain Coffee’s commitment to giving back to the Earth started back in 1983, when they began to recycle the grounds left over from their coffee shop. From there, the company developed eco-friendly coffee filters, scooping bags and plant-based hot and cold coffee cups. In addition, the company also purchases carbon offsets to ensure that Green Mountain Coffee stays 100% greenhouse gas neutral. To top it off, all of the company’s delivery trucks run on bio-diesel to cut down on their carbon footprint.

When it comes to growing their beans, Green Mountain Coffee makes sure they offer coffee that is certified both organic as well as fair-trade. In the year 2000, Green Mountain Coffee was one of the first roasters in the U.S. to be certified as a seller of fair-trade coffee.

Keurig’s K-Cup

Keurig Green Mountain is also the developer of the highly popular Keurig K-Cup. While it’s convenient for people who would like a quick cup of coffee, the environmental benefits of K-Cups are quite numerous. Traditional brewing wastes a lot of coffee. By using K-Cups, you eliminate the pollution involved with growing, packaging and transporting coffee that simply gets discarded. This conserves water and reduces energy usage. Using K-Cups also conserves the energy needed to power the heating burners used to keep coffee warm throughout the day.

There are also many organic, Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance K-Cup options, which helps spread awareness about sustainable agricultural practices, protecting ecosystems as well as the people and wildlife that depend on them.

“Grounds To Go On” Program

Keurig offers a program that 100% recycles used K-Cups. Their “Grounds to Grow On” Program converts 75% of used K-Cups to compost and the remaining 25% to energy. Simply contact Keurig to get the postage prepaid bins for mailing the used K-Cups directly to them (there is a charge from Keurig for this service).

By offering customers many different choices when it comes to green, eco-friendly as well as Fair-Trade coffee and coffee products, AAA Business Supplies & Interiors continues to be one of the leaders in sustainability and eco-consciousness.