Wausau Paper Alliance: Green Initiatives for the Office

Wausau Paper Alliance:

Reducing consumption and waste is the number one priority when faced with choosing paper towel dispensing systems in high-traffic public restrooms and janitorial supply areas. Facilities have come to recognize that there are significant savings to be made when implementing electronic paper towel dispensing systems.

Wausau Paper, an iconic innovator in the paper industry since 1899, offers controlled-use roll towel dispensing systems that provide metered dispensing so that users consider how much paper towel they are using, thus, reducing further waste.

If you are in the market for a new paper towel dispensing system, we highly recommend Wausau Paper’s controlled-dispensing systems for your facility as these products offer a reduction in waste, maintenance time, and cost. See how you can achieve labor savings in conjunction with facility solutions.

Featured Dispensers

Alliance High Capacity Dispenser

Alliance High Capacity

This particular system is the first of its kind to accommodate two full rolls of towels – up to 1,000 feet each – with no need to manually move stub rolls. Quickly switch to the second roll when the first roll is completely expended. This system is perfect for high-traffic such as commercial offices, healthcare facilities, airports, and hotels. Aside from break rooms and restrooms, this product is perfect for food preparation areas.

The Alliance high-capacity electronic roll towel dispensing system is engineered to cut down on waste and consumption. It is equipped with selectable dispense modes and paper lengths allowing you to manage the controls to fit your particular environment. Its unique transfer feature results in fewer service interruptions and reduced maintenance time.

Wave’n Dry Dispenser


The Wave’n Dry dispenser is innovative with no levers, buttons, or cranks. This product dispenses one towel with the wave of a hand, insuring hygiene. This towel dispensing system works in a variety of food preparation areas and healthcare stations, where prevention of cross-contamination is necessary.

Easily work with different controlled towel products like DublSoft, DublNature, and EcoSoft brands – made entirely from 100 percent recycled fibers and certified by Green Seal Inc. The dispensing cycle can be tailored to your needs with optimal settings for delay time between towel dispensing and sensors to prevent over usage.

DublServ Side-by-Side Bath Tissue Dispensers

DublServ Side-by-Side Bath Tissue Dispensers

The DublServ side-by-side toilet paper dispenser accommodates double the tissue paper, with two rolls of OptiCore brand tissue. This product has a variety of applications and ensures time and cost savings. The enclosed roll is kept clean but is easily accessible with a simple maneuver.  Avoid theft and waste with a locking cover. This innovative dispenser comes in five different colors and be customized to make your washroom unique!

Revolution Bath Tissue Dispensers

Revolution Dispenser

The Revolution 3 Roll tissue dispenser was designed for high-capacity dispensing, coming with OptiCore tissue products to provide maintenance and cost savings. It is simple to gain access to a new roll – each time a roll is used, easily turn dial to make the next roll reachable. Choose from five different colors and customize the print for a distinguishable look! This dispenser is perfect for high-traffic areas!

We hope you have seen the benefits of controlled paper dispensing systems. If you are looking for a sustainable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly controlled towel dispensing solution, our trusted partner has something for you!