The Haunts of San Francisco – Must Visit Attractions

The Haunts of San Francisco

Rumor has it, San Francisco is one of the most haunted cities in the U.S., brimming with unsettled spirits and ghostly apparitions. It has been said that the Bay area has over 100 sites that have had some type of paranormal activity. It’s a prime location for tour-goers who hope to see a ghost or goblin. Four of the area’s most famous ghost tours include the following.

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt
The Queen Anne Hotel; Source: Wikipedia
The San Francisco Ghost Hunt begins at the Queen Anne Hotel and stops at Union Square, California Street and the Atherton Mansion. This three hour tour has been a favorite among locals and visitors since 1998. Jim Fassbinder, the owner, states that he wants everyone to have a supernatural experience.

The Haunted Haight Walking Tour
The Grateful Dead Home; Source: Zillow
The Haunted Haight Walking Tour, hosted by the San Francisco Ghost Society, brings the past of Haight-Ashbury to life with superb narrative and well-researched paranormal insights. The tour includes visits to the house of the notorious cult leader Jim Jones, Janis Joplin’s apartment and the Victorian home of the Grateful Dead.

Alcatraz Island After Dark Tour

Alcatraz Island; Source: SF Tours

The Alcatraz Island After Dark Tour is incredibly popular. Alcatraz was formerly the home of notorious murderers and gangsters, such as Al Capone. This special night tour is not only spooky, but it is renowned for its spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

Chinatown Ghost Tours

San Francisco’s China Town; Source: Wikipedia

Chinatown Ghost Tours will lead you to the gambling den where Magician Tamaka, a member of Hollywood’s Magic Castle, will summon the ghost of former gambler Fu Ling Yu. You will get to learn about Chinese mythology and folklore in the oldest and most popular Chinatown in all of North America.

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