How Color Choices Can Impact Office Producitivity

Inspiring Color Choices

A poor color choice can actually negatively impact workplace productivity. Color can affect employee morale and mood. When choosing the right color it is important to consider the industry, type of work, and culture of the company.

Industry & Type of Work

The type of industry your firm represents often impacts which color should be chosen for the workspace. If you’re in the legal, accounting, or financial field, consider a calming color, such as blue or green. Red is recommended for any workplace where there is a physical activity or movement throughout the workday, such as a gym, chiropractic, or physical therapist’s office.

Workplace Culture

The culture of the workplace also has an impact on what kind of color will fit the environment. For example, if you work for an innovative, tech-start up, the workplace culture may be non-traditional and more laid-back. Your range of color choices is broader with a main objective of fostering new and exciting ideas. If the company culture stresses team work and collaborative efforts, then blue or green would be safe color options.

Here is a list of different color options that have differing benefits and workplace applications:


Orange Office

Vivid and bright, orange stimulates the mind and encourages performance and endurance. Orange also promotes positive thinking and enthusiasm.


Blue Office

Blue, being a cool color, infuses a sense of calmness and relaxation into the workplace. Employees will feel secure and have a sense of trust. This color is useful in detail oriented environments where there is a great deal of stress.


Green Office

Green promotes creative thinking and is a perfect color for situations in which new ideas are necessary, such as a brainstorming event. This color is easy on the eyes and does not cause fatigue. Feel refreshed after you paint your office green!


Yellow Office

Yellow, being bright and vivid, fosters creativity and invokes optimism. Yellow brings the brightness and warmth of the outdoors inside.


Red Office

Red is ideal for working environments where physical activity and constant movement is required. This color has been proven to increase the heart rate and blood flow.

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