How the Janitorial & Facilities Industry Is Becoming Agile

How the Janitorial & Facilities Industry is adapting to the Agile Office

As businesses evolve, so must the products and services they offer. In general, the workplace is advancing, from the incorporation of technology and emphasis put on employee productivity, health, and wellness. The janitorial and facilities industry is evolving with innovative and environmentally friendly products that keep employees healthier and more productive.

Trends in the industry include a greater concern for health surrounding germs and harmful bacteria in the workplace, especially in or around flu and cold season. Consumers have demanded products that are environmentally friendly and decrease maintenance related costs.

The agile office movement is taking the business landscape as a whole, with companies putting more focus on their employees and what their customers really want. The janitorial and facilities industry has kept up with the agile office evolution, bringing innovative and cost effective solutions to market. Here are innovative products that abide by agile principles.

Rubbermaid T-Cell Air Freshener System

Tcell air freshener The T-Cell is the world’s first continuous odor control system. This freshener comes with advanced fuel cell technology, which produces the perfect amount of fragrance, without the use of batteries. Utilize this cost effective odor solution to keep your washroom smelling fresh for 60-90 days with the blended microtrans (odor neutralizer) fragrance.This eco-friendly product is recyclable and does not contain any VOCs. Scents are available in different fragrances including polar mist, crystal breeze, citrus mix, mandarin, fruit crush, and more. Choose from three different dispenser types including standard, heavy duty, and fan-operated. Use this high-tech freshener in offices, retail outlets, schools, etc…

EcoSoft Universal Paper Towel Roll

EcoSoft Paper Towels The EcoSoft Universal Paper Towel Roll by Wausau is an eco-friendly product, being made of 100% recycled material and meeting the EPA standards for post-consumer wastepaper content. This product is also Green Seal Certified, offering superb environmental friendliness. This cost-effective washroom solution comes in large rolls. These paper towels are ideal for use in industrial, educational, and retail settings. Protect the environment and dry away with the simple addition of this green product!

DublNature Bathroom Tissue

DublNature Bathroom Tissue The DublNature Bathroom Tissue is a perfect companion for those who are concerned with conserving the environment, possessing a Green Seal Certification. Made from 100% recycled material, this tissue paper has applications in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, colleges, and more. This bathroom tissue is not only environmentally friendly, but offers brightness, absorbency, and superior comfort to the user.


Betco The Betco Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers a luxurious feel while fighting germs and harmful bacteria. The formula is thick, rich, and brings a moisturized and refreshed feel to your hands. The fragrance is light and fresh and comes in a light blue color. The alcohol based hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of common germs and can fit Clario dispensers.

There has been a growing trend in the janitorial and facilities industry of employee health and wellness while at work, especially during the cold and flu season. People, more than ever, are concerned about germs and harmful bacteria, furthermore, looking for products that are anti-bacterial and decrease the chance that they will get sick.

Rubbermaid Disposable Microfiber Cloth System

Rubbermaid Disposable Microfiber Cloth System The Rubbermaid Disposable Microfiber Cloth System offers superior infection protection, cleaning performance, and improves productivity. Being the only disposable product line in the healthcare industry, the cloths are proven to eliminate 99.9% of microbes, decreasing the spread of bacteria and other infectious germs. This product is versatile and can be used with bleach or quat and comes with a convenient charging tub system.

With built-in scrubbing power, these cloths are durable and effective at cleaning germs. Clean mirrors, glass, and stainless steel without streaks.  The HYGEN charging tub can provide moisture for up to 80 disposable microfiber cloths. This system has various applications in healthcare facilities, office buildings, schools, retail establishments, and much more. The innovative system will bring your janitorial staff a more effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

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