HP JetIntelligence: Printing Peace of Mind

HP JetIntelligence: Printing Peace of Mind

As much as we like to admire the success of large companies, this country is built on small businesses. According to Brian Sutter’s Fast Company article, four things keep small business owners up at night.

  1. Growing Revenue
  2. Hiring New Employees
  3. Government Regulations
  4. Cash Flow

With that said, there is ONE thing that can disrupt all four simultaneously, bringing your office to a complete halt: third-party ink cartridges.

No business owner or office manager has the time to troubleshoot third-party cartridge issues. You either call in an outside technician or end up picking up a new printer (there goes the holiday party).

With an Original HP JetIntelligence Toner Cartridge, you free yourself up for bigger things. Let’s break down three key advantages, HP JetIntelligence can bring to your office.

More Pages

In a comparison between regular HP cartridges and their improved counterparts, a JetIntelligence cartridge yields 40% more pages with fewer maintenance issues. That’s because HP’s page maximizer technology regularly monitors both toner levels and extracts every ounce of ink for print.  Also, its ability to display print gauges ensures your office can predictably order the right number of cartridges, every time.

More Protection

Potential leaks, poor print quality, and small print yields are not a joke. With third-party cartridges, you’re elevating the risk of these three occurring as time goes on if you don’t have routine maintenance. Some vendors will sell cartridges that look and smell authentic, but are not. HP’s exclusive anti-fraud technology verifies the authenticity of your purchase. Built-in print fleet policies help you manage quality and uniformity across all printers as well. HP Toner Cartridges are built from scratch to pair up perfectly with your HP LaserJet printer or MFP. A reverse engineered third-party cartridge sounds incredibly neat, but you do not want to waste precious time troubleshooting issues as they occur.

It is also important to mention the significance of protection from network intrusion. Any device connected to your network is game for potential attacks. If your printer can email scanned documents, you can count on it acting as a point of entry. HP Enterprise printers with FutureSmart Firmware thwarts outside attacks by checking and authenticating every connection coming in. If one makes it past your safety net, the device will reboot automatically and revert back to a previous restoration point. When purchasing a HP JetIntelligence cartridge, you can be sure it is a trusted device that won’t open your network environment to outsiders. Neato!

More Performance

So yes, you’re getting more pages per JetIntelligence cartridge, but how long will you have to wait to take your print job back to your desk? HP’s reformulated ColorSphere 3 toners have a lower melting point. What this means is it takes less energy to print more pages at a faster clip (bringing fuel efficiency to the printing world!). Green businesses should absolutely take note.

Let’s face it. The more you think about these three strengths, the more you’re inclined to think about reliability. Whether you’re an owner or manager, you should be guaranteed certain things in life so you can focus on more important matters. With Original HP Toner Cartridges, you’re getting just that!­­


See the technology and usefulness of JetIntelligence for yourself by watching this quick video.

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