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If Kids Ran the Office

Walt Disney explained that “growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.” Some may say some adults are just big kids anyway. Your desk job may just be a cover for your inner child trying to break free and put a slip and slide in the hallway. But what if you could do that? Imagine, what if kids had free reign over your office for an entire day? Would you hate it or jump at the chance to play video games in the breakroom?  Just think of a world where snack time is an obligation and tattle telling was how you solved all your problems.


Playtime: Instead of weekly meetings, playtime will be mandatory. Kids need furniture that will keep up with their demanding schedules so playroom seating is a must!

Time Outs

Time-Outs: Late to work? Didn’t finish your project? Get used to sitting in the corner facing a wall while you watch everyone else have ice-cream for lunch.

Casual Fridays

Casual Friday: The days of looking forward to Casual Fridays where you get to wear a pair of nice jeans are over! Everyday is wear what you want day! And Fridays will be Crazy Hair Day or even Wear Only Blue Day.


Snacks: The fruit in the break room will quickly be replaced by an ice-cream bar, complete with waffle cones. Don’t forget the gummy bears and sprinkles! However, be careful and avoid taking the last cookie. You do not want to be in room when the waterworks start.


Vegetables: Work will be a vegetable free zone. No possession, consumption, or conversation about these gross items.


Bullies: For those against teamwork, they will be banned from work and be forced to work from home or to sit in time out. There is no room for mean people.

Early Mornings

Early Mornings: Say goodbye to nine to five shifts and those Monday morning blues. Your new boss respects your need for sleep and your new workday will not start a minute before noon.


Responsibilities: Kids may be looked at to be immature, however between brushing their teeth and making their bed every morning, they have their priorities straight. Your office space will not lack structure. Kids are trained to follow specific rules and schedules.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Your 6 cups of coffee will be forcefully replaced by the collection of chocolate milk and juice in the fridge. If you’re feeling tired, just chug a bottle, or three, of any soda you would like.

Bring Your Pet to Work

Bring Your Pet to Work Day: Your new boss is inspired by those who give off the same energy – their pets and furbuddies – so bring the family dog and maybe even the cat to work (but only if they play nice.)

Kids can brighten your mood and day. It’s inevitable to have responsibilities, but maybe there is a way to make them more enjoyable. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if kids were in charge, but this isn’t an alternate universe where kids rule the workday. In the least, take some time out of your day to have a little fun, to enjoy your coworkers, and to share in a laugh. It might not be as a great as a slip-n-slide, but it sure will make your day better!

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