Ergo Gear: Keyboards & Monitor Arms

Ergo Gear: Keyboards & Monitor Arms

The last thing your company needs is an employee out of work due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic keyboards, keyboard platforms, and monitor arms will ensure that your employees’ have the tools they need to prevent the strain associated with long hours of typing. Listed below are some of the most innovative ergonomic keyboards, keyboard platforms, and monitor arms in the market today, guaranteed to help improve your employees’ safety, health, and productivity.

Workrite’s Glide 2 Keyboard Platform has your employees’ comfort in mind. It allows you to move your mouse and keyboard into a position that is ideal. It has a keyboard mat and mouse-trap to sustain the position that suits you best.

Workrite Glide 2 Keyboard Platform

This keyboard system from Workrite will allow you to easily slide your mouse; no matter what hand you use to move it. It also includes a built-in document holder and cord management for your keyboard and mouse.

Workrite Keyboard System

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard can adjust horizontally and vertically up to 30 degrees to help strengthen your hands, wrists, shoulders and back. Its small size also works great for smaller desks, and reduces stress on shoulders when reaching for mice or other computer accessories.

Goldtouch Keyboard

The Kinesis Freestyle Incline Keyboard provides a moderate fixed tenting angle with padded palm supports.

Kinesis Incline Keyboard

Humanscale’s M2 Monitor Arm is one of the most popular products on the market today. It is also lightweight since it is built with a spring mechanism.

Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

For those of you who work at a dual monitor workstation, this dual mounting arm from Workrite Ergonomics, Inc. can pivot one screen at a time, which allows you to easily share one screen with someone.

Workrite Dual Monitor Stand

Humanscale’s M8 Crossbar Monitor Arm is a great fit for two monitor workstations. It also comes with a built-in fine-tune adjustor, which allow for your monitors to be aligned to your specifications.

Humanscale M8 Crossbar

Competition is fierce and your employees are your most valued investment. Ensure that they are able to be productive and provide them with these ergonomic accessories. This investment will be sure to increase your bottom line this year.