Local Love: Friends of the Urban Forest

Local Love: Friends of the Urban Forest

Friends of the Urban Forest

Company: Friends of the Urban Forest

Website: http://www.fuf.net/

Address: 1007 General Kennedy Ave. Ste 1 San Francisco, CA 94129

Phone number: 415-561-6890 

Back in the 1970’s five men, George Williams, Brian Fewer, Keith Favey, Jack Spring and Fred Smith, began to build what is today know as Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). They wanted to “get something going” so they hired Michelle Anderson to begin organizing neighborhoods to start planting and continuing to care for their own trees.

FUF planted their first 50 trees, the first of many, on California’s Arbor Day, March 7th, 1981. From there, the movement took on full speed and with Friends of the Urban Forest’s help, neighborhoods all over the cities began planting and maintaining trees. They have planted over 48,000 plants in over 1,000 neighborhoods.

Friends of the Urban Forest TruckToday, FUF offers lots of programs to get citizens involved in keeping the city a little bit greener. If you are looking to get involved, please check out the events calendar where you can volunteer to help greenify your neighborhood.

Planting Program
With the planting program, you can join in on neighborhood planting where FUF will help manage the planting of trees, as well as the removal of concrete to make an area ready for planting.

Tree Care
This program ensures that even the youngest of trees will receive continual care. FUF will also be there for when there is an emergency for a planted tree.

Training Programs
This is great for beginners to get all the know how on how to properly plant and care for plants. There are free workshops and the green teens program. The green teens program is designed for at risk teens ages 14 to 19 which trains them to get ready for the “greens” job market.

If you are ready to volunteer, donate or to organize a tree planting in your neighborhood please contact Friends of the Urban Forest today.