Managing Sound in Open Office Environments

Loving your open office environment and all the collaborative freedom it provides, but not digging the  volume that comes with this type of office configuration? Never fear, AAA Business Interiors’ team of designers are leveraging the best in sound management solutions to ease your pain and to lower the volume on your open office environment.

There are two design elements that we utilize to assist with managing the volume of your open office environment:

  1. Ceiling/Wall Systems
  2. Sound Masking Furniture

We’ll briefly look at these two solutions and some of the options that can help better manage sound in your office. We’ve also highlighted our two favorite go-to sources for sound solutions: unika vaev and BuzziSpace (we think you’ll love their unique and colorful options!)

Ceiling/Wall Systems are great for helping to create zones that help to absorb sound and prevent sound waves from reverberating off nearby flat surfaces. Ceiling systems are typically placed above or around areas where groups of people gather, like conference areas, conversation pits, or desking systems. In instances where employees may be facing a solid bare surface, wall systems can be employed to help mitigate sound.

We love wall systems, as they give us an opportunity to manage your office’s volume while helping to capture your company’s style, aesthetic, and color scheme in a unique way.

Like Ceiling/Wall Systems, Sound Masking Furniture is designed to manage sound by creating natural breaks in your space, without sacrificing the open office feel. Furniture can be standalone or a part of existing furniture systems, like reception area furniture. In either case, there are many colors, styles, and configurations available to easily and nicely compliment existing furniture and cut down on the office volume.

unika vaev

unika vaev, Danish for “unique weave” promises you’ll hear yourself think with their stylish and functional sound management products. Our designers love implementing unika vaev’s tessellating acoustic options, aiming to great eye catching wall decorations that will better manage sound in your office. Masters at leveraging geometric patterns and repeating patterns, you’ll love the modern element that unika vaev can bring to your open office environment.

Check out the slideshow below for some inspiration.


We love BuzziSpace’s fun and playful products; most specifically their buzziplant, buzzicactus, and buzziworld lines. These lines are great sound masking furniture options and can be integrated as standalone or as a part of an existing furniture system. BuzziSpace has also focused on creating phone booth solutions and conversation coves that help cut down on background noise, affording more time to focus on your calls and collaborative meetings.

Take a look at some of their products below.

What's stopping you from better managing the volume in your open office environment?

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