Office Design Trends of 2016

The turn of the year will bring a whole slew of new office design trends. The central focus in the coming year will be on employees, collaboration, and integration of technology. Designers will also be focusing on designs that will foster employee health, wellness, and comfort. We have outlined some of the top office design trends coming in 2016.

Open & Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative Space

Collaborative spaces are the future of office space planning configurations. The need for teamwork and interaction is favored more than ever. This need translates into the creation of communal spaces where employees can have inter-departmental interactions. These collaborative working environments foster creative ideas and help increase workplace productivity. In essence, tearing down the cube walls will certainly help get the creative juices flowing.

Innovative Workstations

Sit to stand and other innovative workstations decrease muscle soreness and employee fatigue. In the office design landscape there has been a trend of increased emphasis placed on employee health and wellness. Shifting position throughout the day has been proven to increase workplace productivity, while lowering employee heart rates and increasing energy through activity.

Connect Meeting Table
Connect Table
The Connect Meeting Table by ISE is flexible and provides small groups a collaborative and technologically advanced environment. This product uses Line-of-Sight technology and can incorporate any size and type of computer or even a big screen television. With the simple push of a button, the monitor rises from the inside of the table creating a versatile workspace, whether for viewing items on the screen or as a traditional work area. This table is easy to assemble with no need to attach the monitor to a wall.


Technology trends for 2016 will also give users the ability to share their work and collaborate on projects more efficiently than ever before. This includes furnishings that can be automatically adjusted with the push of a button, projectors with no wiring, and integration of tech products in general that make sharing files, presentations, and ideas more interactive.

Inscape i3 Board
i3 Board
The mundane whiteboards of the past are gone forever…the new trend is boards that are touch activated by multiple users for collaboration. The i3 Board’s advanced technology offers finger touch recognition for multiple users, up to 10 simultaneous touches. You can easily project, write, and erase your most innovative ideas during brainstorming or group think meetings.

Focus on Employee Health & Wellness

Ergonomic Furniture

As work hours lengthen, there has been an increased concern for the health and wellness of employees within the office. Next year we will see more and more employers updating their old traditional furnishings, into modern pieces infused with ergonomic capabilities. There will be adjustable monitor arms, keyboard platforms, and task lighting to give employees greater comfort while reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. There will also be social areas with comfortable seating for relaxation and comfort, while on break or working.

Diet and exercise will also be a highlighted trend with employers providing healthy food options and water to keep their employees energized throughout the workday. Gyms, yoga studios, and other physical activities will be provided by the employer and the employees will be encouraged to actively participate. Employers now realize that in order to maximize productivity, they must take care of their employees to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Make your Office Feel more like Home

Feel Like Home

Innovators in office design are creating offices that parallel the comforts of home. From fully stocked kitchens and lounge areas, to activity rooms, offices are evolving constantly each year. Health and wellness once again, is an apparent theme in bringing physical activity, relaxation, and healthy eating to the office. Kitchens are stocked with water and healthy snacks and common areas are filled with books, magazines, and board games.

Are you looking to redesign your office in 2016? Contact our office furniture and design team for a consultation.  AAA Business Solutions and Interiors would like to wish our customers a very happy and healthy New Year!

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