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Our Office Relocation Checklist

The Bay Area is teeming with great office spaces and we are so happy you found the one perfect for you! While you may be eager to get in, there are many things you will need to do for a successful move. Our Office Relocation Checklist will help you get organized and get tasks completed that may have never crossed your mind.

6 Months Before Your Move

  • Notify your staff and all stakeholders of the decision to move. Let them know when you’ll be moving and where the new location will be.
  • Compile costs for a moving budget.
  • Assigning a project manager for the move is very helpful. This person should be: organized, senior enough to make decisions, experienced at multi-tasking, know the ins and out of your business, have great communication skills, and be good at sticking to a budget.
  • Take a complete inventory of your office furniture and equipment. Note what needs to get replaced or upgraded and plan to make these changes as part of your move.
  • Give your current landlord notice you’ll be leaving (actual time to give is dependent upon your current lease).

4 Months Before Your Move

  • Have your project manager assign teams to assist with the move. Consider the following types of teams.
    1. IT. Responsible for all aspects of company technology including: backing up files as applicable, installing and testing computers, printers, fax machines, etc.
    2. Vendor Relations. Responsible for notifying vendors of the move and forwarding mail to the new office.
    3. Customer Communications. This team is responsible for notifying your customers of your move, primarily if you’re in an industry where your customers need to visit your office to conduct business.
    4. Packing and Labeling. Depending upon the extent of the services of the moving company you choose, this team will work with the moving company to pack and label office supplies, breakroom supplies, etc.

2 Months Before Your Move

  • Search for and hire a moving company. You may want to seek out a company that will assist with office relocation in the Bay Area.
  • Draw up a floor plan. Again, it may be beneficial to enlist a company that will assist with creating an office design & layout perfect for your new space.
  • Schedule weekly meeting with your project manager and any other applicable staff members to ensure all dates are being met and everything will be prepared by moving day.

3-4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Have your packing and labeling team get started.
  • Have your vendor relations team notify electric and phone companies accordingly. Transfer services over to the new location with a start date of your move-in date.
  • Confirm details with your office relocation company.
  • Work with your project manager and the office furniture dealer to ensure all new furniture pieces are ordered and will be delivered by the date of the move. Make sure you iron out details as to who will be responsible for the furniture installation and when it will take place.

On Moving Day

  • Have your IT Team get started right away setting up phones, computers, fax machines, and printers.
  • Assure the temperature of the new space is set accordingly.
  • Do a walk through to assess the space and all moved items. If anything is damaged from the move, take note of it and let your office relocation company know.
  • Transfer your insurance to your new location.

After the Move

  • Update your address on your website and any other marketing materials, email signatures, invoices, etc…
  • Verify that all furniture has been installed properly. If not, make a list.
  • Give yourself a nice pat on the back for completing a “smooth move”!

At AAA Business Interiors, we offer relocation services in the Bay Area including space planning, move management, furniture installation, office design and more. For help with your office relocation, contact us.