Local Love: San Francisco SPCA

Local Love: San Francisco SPCA

We love this organization almost as much as we love animals – the San Francisco SPCA. One of the oldest humane societies in the United States, SF SPCA employees and volunteers work tirelessly to prevent animal over population. Their wide variety of programs and services also provide education and support to our local community.

The organization’s mission is to imagine a community where every animal has a loving home. Prospective pet parents can visit either of the SF SPCA’s adoption centers, located in the Mission or Pacific Heights, to find the perfect cat or dog for them.

I spoke with PJ Jamison, the SF SPCA’s purchasing manager, about how to adopt and why adopting is better than buying a pet from a pet store or breeder. Here’s what PJ had to say.

How to Adopt

“Adoptions happen at our two adoption center locations. One is located at 250 Florida Street and the other at 2343 Fillmore Street. The process typically takes an hour long.”

The SF SPCA has a few adoption requirements, which include:

  • Prospective pet parents (adopters) need to be 18 years of age or older. They have to have a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license. Their ID needs to show proof of their current address.
  • Sometimes training classes are required.
  • It is strongly encouraged that every member of the household meets the cat or dog of interest prior to completion of the adoption process. This helps us assure that both the animal and family are a good match for each other.
  • Proof of home ownership or a copy of rental lease that notes the cat or dog is allowed on the home.”

For more information and current adoption fees, please visit the SF SPCA website.

Why Adopt from the SPCA

“When you adopt a pet, you’re saving their life,” PJ said.

Adopting is also the ethical choice. Have you ever heard stories of puppy mills? When you buy from an animal mill, you’re helping them stay in business and continue to engage in unethical practices. Puppy mills are not ethical.

You can learn more about puppy mills on the SF SPCA’s website.

Vet Services, Resources, and More

The SF SPCA has full service hospitals that are open seven days a week. Their services include urgent care, behavior consultations, and more. Additional resources and service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Pet loss support
  • Dog training
  • Youth programs such as animal camps

The SF SPCA has multiple locations throughout the area. To visit one to adopt a pet or just learn more about the company’s organization, visit http://www.sfspca.org