10 Signs You’re an Office Supplies Addict

10 Signs You’re an Office Supplies Addict

In my office, I have more post-it notepads than one person probably should have and enough highlighters to color rainbows for days. Some may say I’m actually addicted to office supplies. While I don’t believe my passion for office supplies is quite an addiction, I wouldn’t mind if it was. Hey, I can’t deny how great I feel when I write with a brand new pen on a crisp new piece of paper. If you can relate to several of the following, you yourself may be an office supplies addict.Don’t worry — it’s not a bad thing!


1. For Halloween, you dressed up as the Bic mascot. Instead of giving out candy, you gave out pens.


2. Your “pet” dog was made out of paper clips. You named her Joy after your favorite pen — InkJoy. You take Joy for walks.

3. You use gel mouse pads as tiny pillows.

4. Your favorite hat was made out of a file folder.

5. You have every office supplies catalog ever imaginable. You taught your children how to read with them.

6. About those children of yours … you named them after your favorite brands of batteries — Energizer and Duracell.

7. When you travel, you don’t use actual suitcases. Instead, you pack your things in laptop bags and expandable pad folios.

8. You had your honeymoon in China simply because there have been reports stating that early paper making started in China.

9. You have a mural of rulers in your office.

10. When you go to sleep at night, instead of counting sheep, you count bright and colorful erasers.


Like we said, being an office supplies addict is not a bad thing. Support your addiction with even more office supplies, from AAA Business Supplies & Interiors.