Dorothy Anderson: Customer Service with a Smile

Dorothy Anderson: Customer Service with a Smile

AAA Business Supplies & Interiors
counts many talented and dedicated individuals among its employees. This month, we are putting the spotlight on Dorothy Anderson of the Customer Service team.

Dorothy joined the team after AAA acquired General Office Supplies. Since joining AAA six years ago, she has proven herself to be a great asset both internally and to the customers she works to support.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Dorothy is an avid Giants fan and often wears a jersey on game day to show her support. When she isn’t rooting for her team, she can be found taking the family dog Sparky for long walks, gardening, or reading. She believes family is crucial to happiness and makes every effort to carve out time to spend with them, both immediate and extended.

Dorothy Anderson

Colleagues and customers alike describe Dorothy as friendly, patient, and a true team player. When asked what she appreciates most about her job, she responded, “I really enjoy helping our customers and building lasting relationships with them.”

A chief multitasker, Dorothy has no problem answering phones, instant messaging with clients through our EZSolution website, and supporting the internal team with diverse requests. When asked about her greatest strength, her eyes sparkled, “Organizing … I just love it! I have a real knack for seeing the bigger picture and knowing that I will find a place for every item.” Dorothy’s friendly and approachable personality makes her a great team member and an invaluable resource to customers.

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