The Stacking Shredder Evolution

The Stacking Shredder Evolution

True innovation finally hit the shredder market, enabling you to eliminate all the time you traditionally have to spend shredding paper. The AutoMax shredder series from Fellowes allows you to simply drop up to 500 sheets into a shredder tray and walk away! In addition, these shredders cross cut your paper, providing you improved document security. The investment in saved time from these shredders can pay for itself quickly.


  • Touch-screen technology makes it easier to utilize the shredder.
  • A front-loading pull out drawer makes the loading of paper to be shredded easy!
  • The shredder design practically eliminates time wasting paper jams.
  • The shredders are good for the environment, saving energy by automatically shutting down after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • The AutoMax series functions quietly, allowing nearby employees to remain more productive.
  • The AutoMax Series shredders shred credit cards, staples, CD’s/DVD’s, paper clips, junk mail and more.
  • The shredders come with a two-year product and service warranty.


The Fellowes AutoMax 300C Shredder can handle 300 sheets at a time and cuts them into 5/32 x 1-1/2 inch cross-cut particles. This crosscut shredder offers a 16-gallon bin capacity and can run up to 30 minutes. The size of the 300C is roughly 35″ x 17″ inches.



The Fellowes AutoMax 500C Shredder can handle 500 sheets at a time and cuts them into 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ cross-cut inch particles. This crosscut shredder can run continuously and offers a 20-gallon bin capacity. The 500C is roughly 38 x 17 and doesn’t take up much more room than the 300C.

The Fellowes AutoMax shredder uses the latest technology to allow you to shred more materials and spend less time waiting or clearing paper jams.

Check out our selection of Fellowes shredders!  You can also get a $50 rebate on the 300C model or a $75 rebate on the 500C model.

(Rebate info was taken directly from here from the 300C, and here for the 500C.  Click on where it says “$50 or $75 mail in rebate w/ purchase!”)