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Taking a Bite Out of Sustainability

AAA Business Supplies is constantly looking for the best sustainable products to use in our workspace. We are committed to finding those common, everyday office and breakroom supplies that are sustainably produced, without sacrificing quality. Hammermill Great White Copy Paper is synonymous with quality and sustainability. This line of recycled paper is available in 30%, 50%, and 100% post-consumer waste content and is sure to help any office meet their sustainability goals.

We know that sometimes recycled paper gets a bad rap for not being an effective alternative to virgin paper options. That just isn’t the case with the Great White Recycled Paper line. Each sheet is as white and pristine as virgin paper and provides the ideal surface for any printing need, be it a quick copy or a presentation. In fact, Hammermill is so confident that they have 99.9% Jam-Free Guarantee–They guarantee that their paper will not have more than one jam in 10,000 sheets on your high-speed digital equipment or they will replace your paper or refund your purchase price.

Great White Hammermill 30 Paper
Great White Hammermill with Box

A Throwback to the Past!

For a limited time, Hammermill is bringing back their retro 70’s Great White carton design featuring “GW,” their resident spokes-shark. With Earth Day’s first start in the 70’s, it’s definitely an outstanding look back and celebration of the company’s long standing commitment to the environment. Keep chomping away, Hammermill!