The Standing Desk Movement Moves into the Classroom

The Standing Desk Movement Moves into the Classroom

We are seeing an increase in ergonomic products in today’s classrooms.  Classroom design, as well as adjustable height seating and desks, can be implemented into today’s learning environments.

The Standing Desk, although a recent advance, is now actually being implemented in classrooms throughout the United States. We are seeing the benefit of these desks, as they encourage collaborative learning and healthy living. AAA Solutions and Interiors examines the benefits of these workstations in the classroom.

Benefits to the Body

A basic fact is that some children sit stagnant 80-90% of the time they’re awake. Just like in our work environments, we know sitting in a desk all day does not promote healthy living or physical fitness.

We feel it is important to create a healthy mix of options, offering both standing and traditional student desks, allowing students the option to choose between both. For example, in grades 1-6, after recess students may want to sit down rather than standing up. In the morning, when a student may be sluggish or still asleep, standing up might peak their attention.

Benefits to the Mind

Standing desks not only benefit students’ bodies but keep them more engaged with their classmates and teachers while actually promoting higher test scores. In some studies there has been a 10% to 15% increase in test scores in schools utilizing standing desks. Researcher James Levine, confers that data, more often than not, implicates that when students are allowed to move freely around the classroom they learn better.

At Alexandria Country Day School in Virginia, standing desks have been implemented for grades 5-8. The teachers and parents have noticed the positive effects of this change, with students possessing better posture and becoming more active in the classroom, with more energy and focus.

The video below will show just how this trend is catching on in the classroom, and helping our students in turn.

We have been a large supporter of standing desks in the office environment for some time now. We are thrilled to see this positive and beneficial trend move toward classrooms.

Below are a few of our recommended standing desk products:

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