Ultra Violet in the Office—Embracing 2018's Color the Year

Ultra Violet in the Office—Embracing 2018’s Color the Year

Rooted in royalty, Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838) is 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year. Original, distinct and clever, how would one incorporate Ultra Violet into an office setting?

Like lilacs in bloom, Ultra Violet is complex and mysterious. It spurs out of the box thinking. If you believe in color therapy, incorporate this hue in conference rooms or classrooms to ignite creativity and ingenuity.


A roof-top oasis to catch your breath. Ultra Violet's dynamism pairs well with blue skies.


Embrace Ultra Violet in the classroom to spark creativity.

Want to draw folks to underutilized parts of the office? A splash of purple in sound masking panels or accent rugs will push your colleagues towards these spaces.


No directions needed. Ultra Violet's loudness will captivate folks over to where they need to be.


A touch of Ultra Violet in soundproofing panels, speckled over large areas will attract folks to the other side of the office.

Feeling brave and bold? Paint the entire room in Ultra Violet! Just be sure to balance it well with oceanic blues, oranges, and soft wood finishes to create a majestic look.

COTY 2018 Breakroom Ultraviolet

Contrasting Ultra Violet with strong colors invites playfulness and ingenuity. Think outside of the box!

With so much going on this year, 2018 demands that we put our best foot and ideas forward. That means taking leadership and defying accepted norms. This year, embrace Ultra Violet in the office and break free!

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