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What to Expect: Office Coffee Supplier

milkmanIf you’re not old enough to have seen a milkman make deliveries in person, you’ve probably seen pictures. With a white suit, white hat, black bowtie and a big smile, he would show up to homes like clockwork each week according to a set schedule.

That may have worked when the needs of families didn’t change from week to week.  However, in today’s dynamic environment, your need for milk, as well as for all the other breakroom related supplies, changes on a day-to-day basis depending on who is in the office and the number and size of meetings. Let’s face it, you need a lot more flexibility and control.

With the old-style milkman route, the delivery person walks into your kitchen, determines what you need and brings in new supplies – all with no active oversight from you. To meet the needs of the today’s workplace, we’ve instituted a new model for office coffee service – appropriately named “What You Need, When You Need It”. Our customers can place orders Monday through Friday according to what they need that day or week, delivered fresh the next day if the order is placed before 6pm.

You should also be looking for these additional key advantages when choosing an office coffee supplier:

  • Easy online ordering
  • Free daily delivery – no waiting for scheduled route deliveries
  • No rental fees on standard brewers
  • No delivery fees
  • Competitive pricing
  • No finding yourself overstocked with product exceeding its freshness dating
  • The convenience and efficiencies of sourcing coffee and office supplies from the same vendor

Quite frankly, it amazes me that the milkman and fixed route approach is still being employed by most coffee service companies. I guess the old way of doing things has a certain nostalgic charm, but charm doesn’t satisfy office coffee drinkers. Coffee is the fuel that drives the modern office, and we believe our approach is the best way to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it.

More than office coffee, AAA Business Supplies and Interiors now offers fresh dairy products. Please visit our website for more information.