Why We Do Dairy

Why We Do Dairy

Why We Do Dairy

We do not envy those in charge of stocking an office space. It takes more than you think to make an office run efficiently. Think about it. You have office supplies, toner, paper, coffee, cleaning supplies, breakroom supplies, paper & tissue, bathroom supplies and more.

Typically, it takes multiple vendors to fill these needs. Office supplies are ordered from your supplier of choice, coffee is ordered through an office coffee service company, cleaning supplies are ordered from a janitorial supplier and furniture is ordered from an office furniture dealer. But when it comes to milk, creamers and other fresh dairy products, you often have to find an additional vendor, or someone from the office needs to leave work, go to the local retailer or grocery store, and pick up what you need for the week.

Wow! What a waste of time and resources. We have heard over and over again this same story from our clients here in the Bay Area. We feel for them and we decided to do something about it.

As you know, you can already order office supplies, office furniture, coffee and breakroom supplies from AAA Business Supplies & Interiors. In addition, we now offer fresh dairy to all our local customers, with free delivery and no minimum order fee.

We have accomplished two things by offering fresh dairy products:

  1. Convenience. All you need to do is add dairy to your order. You receive everything you need in one order, on one invoice, and you don’t have to send someone on a dairy run each week.
  2. Diversity. We want to make it easier for our customers to provide healthy, fresh dairy choices to today’s more health-conscious workforce. Our dairy products include regular, soy and almond milk, as well as organic milk and creamers.

We purchase our dairy products fresh and keep them chilled in our facilities. Much like the milkman who used to deliver glass bottles of milk to your front door, we deliver chilled dairy products to your business.

This is why we do dairy and what makes our customers “Love the AAA Difference”!

Contact us to learn more about our fresh dairy products and delivery.