Workplace Design Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Workplace Design Trends for 2016 and Beyond

This year’s NeoCon 2016 at The Mart in Chicago was nothing short of amazing. As Interior Designers, we were bedazzled by the plethora of tantalizing trends and office furniture lines on display. With upwards of 50,000 design professionals taking notes, we couldn’t resist teasing you with some insider knowledge. Without further ado, let’s get your creative juices flowing as we highlight notable workplace design trends for 2016. Keep in mind, we’re hoping to showcase these collections to clients when they become available to dealers like ourselves.

Classic Modernism Revisited

Retro is in, albeit with a more modern twist. A sizable number of commercial furniture on display appropriates elements from Classic Modernism. As collaborative spaces inevitably become the norm, manufacturers are presenting simplistic and graceful lines not seen since the 60’s. Thanks to cleaner and faster manufacturing techniques, this retro throwback brings with it improved fabrics, unique finishes and seamless moldability with collaborative office environments.

Maven and Arcadia are putting in final touches to their soon to be released furniture lines. Fabrics with radiant colors invigorate moods. Textured wood finishes offer a healthy contrast to seemingly endless fabric options. Clean curves, lines and uniformity make workplace design with a holistic approach much easier. Not only for reception areas or executive offices, this new design ethos can and should be carried over to your organization’s gathering spaces wherever they may be.

Arcadia Classic Modernism Revamp

The Floating Conference Room

Height-adjustable tables continue to be a big topic this year, but we’re seeing growing discussion in the topic of  floating conference rooms. At NeoCon and with backing from our own projects, we strongly believe clients are demanding a more accommodating office environment that invites rather than dissuades collaborative meeting across all areas. Maven is encouraging this with their Famiglia line of lounge chairs paired with light-work tables and caster wheels for exceptional mobility. No longer bound to the rigidity of traditional conference rooms, your team will have the flexibility to find a space that fosters productivity.  In keeping with classic modernism design philosophy, Maven’s design is simple, elegant, and comfortable.

The Floating Conference Room - Another Workplace Design Trend

Arcadia’s Flirt Collection

At first glance, why would you call it that? Look from a bird’s perspective and you’ll quickly appreciate Arcadia’s new Flirt Collection. Characterized by its inherent mobility and multi faceted utility, like a bird, the Flirt line is perfect for breakout meetings of all scales. Highly reconfigurable, Arcadia’s latest offering is perfect for training sessions, conference rooms, cafeteria seating, or reception areas. Words alone won’t do it justice. Checkout this flirtatious video and you’ll see why Arcadia’s newest line is sticking with it. 

Clear Walls from Trendway

Segment and partition off areas of your office without stomaching a costly and lengthy remodel. Trendway’s line of movable walls is available in a variety of materials and configurations, making it easy to reignite your space to make full use of what you’ve got. Consider their Clear Wall line if you’re looking to create rooms without disturbing the natural light or flow of your office space. If you’re forecasting organizational growth in 2016 and desire to stay within your current space, Trendway will undoubtedly help you adapt.



The general landscape for commercial interiors and workplace design is encouraging as technology reaches a new level. With wireless communications becoming ever more pervasive, we can now take our work to all areas of the office with no loss in productivity. Could the sweet spot for your organization’s greatness mean abandoning a traditional cubicle mindset? Based on projects with clients and especially after NeoCon, we’re gradually getting there. 

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