Workspace Spotlight: HON’S Abound Product line

Workspace Spotlight: HON’S Abound Product line

Looking for a workstation that’s sleek, modern, and built with high quality materials? Consider installing one from  HON’s Abound Product line.  Each workstation is designed with your needs in mind, and is ready for the future. What’s the best part about the Abound product line? Each workstation can be customized to fit with your office’s layout and design.

The Benefits of the Abound Product line

Hon Abound
The customization of the workstations in Abound’s product line is one of the biggest benefits. It can be used as a reception desk, cubicle, or open desk. Whether you’re looking to give your office an open layout, or add more privacy to your desk, HON’s Abound product line offers a variety of options for your office.

The Abound Product line is also eco-friendly. It has been certified gold by SCS Global Services for indoor air quality and has been certified, “level two” by BIMFA.

Customizable Features

Many aspects of the HON Abound Product line can be customized to fit your offices size. Whether you’re looking for a square or round workspace, Abound can fit your demands.  The most common features that are customized are the work surface, storage, and panels.

The customizable work surfaces allow for Abound to fit in many office spaces. For round work surfaces, you should consider d-shaped, peninsula, split top corner or jetty work surfaces.  For a more traditional desk layout, a straight, raised straight or primary over view or countertop would work best.

For storage, there are multiple ways to add some extra space to store your office supplies.  Lateral cabinets can be installed from two high to five high. You can also choose to have storage cabinets with or without doors. Other options include desk towers, pedestal tray tops or end tower with bookcase just to name a few.

If you wish to have panels added to your workstation, there are many options for the size and material of your panels.  Abound panels can be stacked up to 110 inches. You can choose between fabric, frosted glass, clear glass, plains, slotted tool or markerboard panels. Below are samples of the slotted tool, fabric, frosted glass, markerboard, and plains panels.

slotted toolfabricfrosted glass
markerboardplains panels

So how does this all work together?  The workstations in the Abound product line are built with materials that are meant to last.  The workstations are built using metal panel trim, frames, and connections. All components of the Abound product line are assembled in HON’s factory to ensure that it will last for a long time.

HON’s Abound product line is also built with the future in mind.  It is built so that way you can plug in a laptop or other electronic device with ease. Overall, HON’s Abound Product line is a great option no matter what size or shape your office is in. Its customization capabilities and high quality materials make it a great option for any office.

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