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More Than One Reason 

As America's largest office furniture manufacturer, The HON Company offers extensive styling options for small to large-sized businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government workspaces. Innovative furniture and highly streamlined manufacturing processes make HON the go-to furniture producer for AAA’s client projects.  AAA clients enjoy exclusive pricing and access to the newest HON furniture lines and products.

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Introducing—HON Flock Expansion

Innovative Products

As the #1 manufacturer of seating, benching, workstations and collaborative furniture, HON is your innovative single-source producer of everything workspace! Their product designers take into account aesthetics, ergonomics, and contemporary demands for more stylized and customizable furniture. Adaptability and utility are at the core of their product designs, guaranteeing easy application and integration into any space. Mid-year releases and product line refreshes show HON’s commitment to providing you with contemporary relevant solutions for the evolving workspace.

Your design choices are limitless with HON.


Contemporary Design for Any Budget

HON’s quality and affordable products, along with AAA’s design solutions make meeting your budget a straightforward process. Producing affordable products; while never sacrificing quality and durability ensures the best outcome for any installation. AAA designers work closely with you to identify fabrics, finishes, and furniture systems that will create a unique space.

Bottom-line, small to large projects or budget-sensitive to high-end, you can rest assured that you're choosing a high-quality solution that will last years to come.

The commercial grade furniture you need. When you want it. At a refreshing price. Explore our 5 day quick ship program, HON Express.

HON Express

Contemporary workspace designs by HON

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AAA and HON make taking the next step towards a refreshed or completely brand-new workspace super easy. Let’s connect and discuss your goals and start planning  your office makeover! Help get your creative process going, explore the abundance of design resources available below.

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