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We offer a wide variety of printer paper and copy paper options, separated into easy-to-use groupings to speed up your search.

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Know Your Papers

Who Knew?? Copy paper, also known as printer, dual-purpose, multi-purpose or laser paper, is the standard paper used in copiers, printers and fax machines. Most paper these days is multi-purpose, able to be used in any machine.

Letter (8 ½” X 11″)

Letter size (8 ½” X 11″) paper, is the most commonly used size. It is typically packaged 500 sheets per ream, ten reams per case. It is available in white or colors, in different weights and brightnesses, and with different levels of recycled content.

Legal size (8 ½” X 14″) paper provides a slightly larger print surface then letter size paper, though your machine would need a paper tray to handle this size.

Ledger (11″ X 17″)

The second most common size of paper is ledger size (11″ X 17″). This size is used for printing newspaper pages, posters or graphics such as blueprints or maps when the type size would be too small to see clearly on a smaller sized sheet of paper. Many modern printers or copy machines have a third tray set up for this paper size, or at the very least, the tray for legal-sized paper is adjustable for larger sizes.

A4 Paper (8-1/4 X 11-3/4)

A4 paper (8-1/4 X 11-3/4) is the European standard copy paper size. American company doing business in Europe sometimes require this size.