Flavia Coffee Brewers

Flavia started the single serve office coffee revolution in 1984 and has been raising the bar ever since. Their brewers offer hygienic touchless options, sophisticated easy-to-use management software, and all the drinks your employees love and appreciate including latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot, iced and cold brew coffee, hot and iced tea, hot chocolate, and infused water drinks. Let our breakroom specialists help you select the Flavia brewers with the right mix of features for your office!

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Flavia Barista

The unique and elegant Barista brews authentic espresso and Americanos, along with lattes, cappuccinos, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It also includes a brew over ice option. Who needs a coffee shop when you have all these popular choices? Perfect for the office that brews at least 25 cups a day.

The Flavia Barista features a modern design built to deliver the benefits you’ve come to expect – including reliable performance, hassle-free maintenance and no cross contamination of taste from one drink to the next.

Accommodates travel mugs, espresso cups and coffee mugs.


Flavia® CREATION 600

Delicious, soul-satisfying drinks keep employees happy, productive, and help them want to work in the office again. Add to that an app that enables safely selecting an extensive selection of mouth-watering drinks without touching the machine touchscreen. The software enables employees to log service requests, notifies your vendor about issues, remotely shows you usage to make reordering fast and easy, and enables you to remotely post messages on the brewer screen. Yup, that’s right. This remarkable machine all but drinks your beverage for you!

Flavia - Machine - 600

With Creation 600, your beverages choices are practically unlimited. They include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. You get to specify the strength and size of your drink, and whether you want to froth either real or non-dairy milk. The optional Chill unit provides your team the cool, refreshing iced coffee, iced tea, cold brew coffee, and infused water drinks they often prefer in the afternoon. This unique and multifunctional machine is designed for offices drinking at least 50 drinks a day.

image of perks of c600 machine


The FLAVIA IQ program offers a variety of fun, informative on-screen content you can use, or easily post your own content (text, images, video), using pre-designed templates, using the app.

Flavia® CREATION 500

Stylish design and extensive drink options make this the ideal drink machine for offices brewing at least 25 drinks a day. It brews coffee, tea and hot chocolate, along with specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. Add on the optional Chill option to make cold brew coffee, iced coffee, iced tea and flavored water drinks, or skip the Chill unit and simply brew over ice. Yes, you can have it all! Plus the Creation 500 only requires servicing, on average, every 3 years or so, making your life hassle free

FlaviaCreation500 - 2

Flavia® CREATION 200

Ideal for smaller to mid-sized offices, the small profile Creation 200 offers a full range of café-style drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It can be plumbed or unplumbed.

C200 machine

Add A Chill To Your favorite Coffee Drinks

Flavia CHILL

The unique CHILL brewer extension lets you turn your Flavia C500 and C600 coffee brewers into cold drink machines as well. Your team will love the option to drink refreshing iced coffee, iced tea, cold brew coffee, and infused water drinks, especially as the day gets later and people start shying away from coffee and caffeine. The true all-in-one 24/7 solution is finally here.

chill unit
juice types


Sustainability 1 image

Lavazza/Flavia has a pretty remarkable, and VERY interesting, sustainability story. As coffee specialists, we learned a lot by watching. We encourage you to watch the below video as it could affect your coffee decisions for years to come. Way to go Lavazza!

Sustainability 1 image for video
Sustainability 2 image

Drink Options

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What Are The Differences anyway?

Differences between Brewers