Automatic Floor Scrubbers, or autoscrubbers, are used to effectively and efficiently clean and maintain hard floors. They dispense cleaning fluid, scrub the floor, vacuum up the dirt and water, and leave the floor dry enough to use, all in one efficient pass. They do a better job than wet mopping, producing a healthier, cleaner facility.

The choice of autoscrubbers depends on the amount of floor area to be cleaned. Key variables include the size and speed of the appropriate scrubber, and whether the autoscrubbers should be a walk behind model or a ride-on model. Other variables include battery vs. electric power, the size of the solution and recovery tanks, operational ergonomics, maneuverability, the size of the cleaning path, brush size and speed, noise levels, ease of maintenance, environmental considerations, warranty etc. We encourage you to have our experts work with you to select the appropriate equipment for your space and cleaning strategy.

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