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We have collected information on best practices for reopening your office and keeping your employees safe. AAA has also put together posters you can print to reinforce social distancing, hand washing and infection control. We hope this information proves valuable in helping you manage all the changes we are all facing and makes reopening a bit easier for you.


Below are some of the best collections of strategies and approaches we have encountered for safely reopening. While every office is different, many of these ideas and suggestions and sure to be applicable and helpful.


Printable posters below should help reinforce infection control best practices with your team. We truly are all in this together.


These printable posters should help reinforce hand washing best practices with your team. Everyone can use a reminder of how important this is to minimizing the spread of germs. Great for restrooms and breakrooms.


Cleaning, and then disinfecting, are keys to infection control and successful reopening. Yet many of us have limited understanding of the practices, chemicals and materials that are keys to doing this effectively. Take a look at the information and posters below to jump start you. You can also find more detailed information and solutions by reviewing the extensive Cleaning & Disinfection web page. Lots of information we have developed to help you understand this critical and unfamiliar area better. Alternately, just contact us and we will be delighted to help.

PPE Best Practices


Below are recommendations and general information published by the CDC and FDA that we hope will be helpful. We encourage you to directly monitor their postings as they are updated quite frequently.


Below are some kid-oriented posters on hand washing, designed to capture their attention and encourage them to be diligent. Keeping them safe helps keep the rest of us safe as well.

AAA Business Supplies & Interiors is with you every step of the way. We have the critical supplies you need to keep employees safe. Our highly experienced furnishings team is here to help you re-envision your workspace to address social distancing and other means of effective infection control that will help keep your team healthy and productive.

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