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The Clean Zones air cleaner is an innovative and unique air filtration solution for protecting against airborne germs that are often exhaled coughed or sneezed into the air. It provides both HEPA filtration and UV-C sterilization right where you inhale and exhale at your desk. Its slim profile enables it to easily hang from your partition or sit right on your desktop.

If you want a more seamless & fully integrated solution, Clean Zonez offers thermoformed PET panels molded to allow the units to be inserted into the actual panel construction. Wall mounting hardware is also available to enable units to be placed throughout your facility. In addition, the units are lightweight and slim enough to be carried to any meeting, if you wish.

image Breakdown of Clean Zonez filtration layers

Clean Zonez air cleaners provide filtration for up to 100 square feet, at 65 CFM. These units have a soft-touch panel for controlling fan speed, filtration settings, sleep, and power modes. A 110v power cord is included with the unit.

Intake fans pull air through 5 layers of air filtration, with purified air expelled through the top of the unit. HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and airborne particles above 0.3 microns. The activated carbon filtration removes VOCs. UV-C light sterilizes any germs that pass through the filtering.

Dimensions are 13 3/16” x 11 7/16” x 2 12/16”. Weight is 4 lbs, 13 oz. Units include HEPA type filters and a UV-C bulb. A filter replacement indicator beeps after 1500 hours to alert you to clean or replace the HEPA filters. Replacement is recommended every 12 months for the filters and the UV-C bulb. The UV-C option can be turned on or off.


By installing Clean Zonez, you will:

  • Protect employees from airborne illness
  • Create peace of mind with better air quality
  • Eliminate unnecessary sick days
    Improve alertness and cognitive thinking
    Make employees feel appreciated
    Reduce the impact of allergies
image Clean Zonez freestanding unit in desktop


Clean Zones air purifier can be positioned almost anywhere you like within your office, enhancing the versatility and your safety. Your chances of staying healthy just improved dramatically!

Image of Clean Zones mounted on a desktop screen

Mount to Barrier Option

Image of Clean Zonez hanging on a workstation panel

Cubical Hanging Option

Image of freestanding Clean Zonez on a desk

Desktop Option

Image of Clean Zonez hanging on a wall

Wall Mount Option


Clean Zonez standalone air filtration unit is a lightweight option you can stand on top of your work surface or take with you to your next meeting. The narrow profile keeps your desktop space clear.

Image of a desktop setting with a freestanding Clean Zones unit

Image of Clean Zones hanging from a panel


Already have panels around your work station? Not to worry! Clean Zonez offers panel hanging brackets that allow you to hang the unit where it will best protect you, right where you breathe.


3 layer PET acoustical panels create a safety barrier, provide privacy, and absorb noise while minimizing distraction. Inserted steel plates add extra rigidity and are 48″ or 60″ wide, 30″ high, and 5″ deep. Matching 18″ deep side panels are available. Panels can be mounted to either rise 18″ or 24″ above the desktop.

The PET is thermoformed around the back of the Clean Zones air filtration system to tightly secure the unit and enclose the air filtration system inside the panel, creating a clean look, while minimizing fan noise.

Image of Clean Zonez built into a Pet screen

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Dr. Gregory Polard from the Mayo Clinic recommends using a personal air filtration device to help ensure maximizing the number of clean air exchanges in shared spaces.
“The more air exchanges and the cleaner the air, the lower the risk.”

The EPA supports using air cleaners and HVAC filters to help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses in a building or small space.

Joseph Allen, Professor of Exposure Assessment Science at Harvard University recommends personal air filtration units.
“It’s a simple plug and play solution in that area.”