First Aid Only SmartCompliance Kits

The innovative SmartCompliance Kit Program redefines business first aid with its cabinet design.

  • Patented SmartTab ezRefill System presents supplies in one-at-a-time dispenser boxes, enabling users, especially sick ones, to only touch just the package they need.

  • Ease of reordering eliminates need for van service personnel to come onsite, eliminating external sources of cross contamination.

  • Patented SmartTab ezRefill boxes revolutionize reordering with highly visible easy-to-use reorder cards, making managing inventory fast and accurate, helping to insure OSHA compliance.

  • Patented SmartTab ezRefill boxes snap into place in the cabinet, saving money by discouraging employees from removing full boxes while helping to ensure OSHA compliance.

  • One-at-a-time dispensing reduces excess usage, saving money by reducing usage.

  • Overall, SmartCompliance saves an average of 50% vs. traditional van services.

  • Available in a variety of sizes, with or without medications, and in metal or plastic cases. Can also be customized.

Shortcomings of Van Refill Service

  • Van services typically provide bulk refill boxes that require more handling, spreading germs from the sick to the healthy.

  • Users take many more supplies when presented supplies in bulk vs. one-at-a-time dispensing, increasing costs.

  • Users often take/remove full boxes of supplies back to their desk, vs. snap in boxes of SmartCompliance which discourage this.

  • Bulk supply cabinets are messy and labor intensive to manage and refill, leading to frequent OSHA compliance issues.

  • Van service drivers are often incented to overstuff cabinets, and tend to throw away partially used boxes replacing them with full boxes, increasing costs.

  • They typically charge fuel service fees, wipe down fees, cabinet maintenance fees, all of which are eliminated by self-managed SmartCompliance system.

  • Van services often only provide service once a month, leading to outages and less OSHA compliance.

  • Van services typically provide little transparency on usage, making it hard to manage spend for this category.

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