Partition Extensions Add Safety & Social Distancing

Partition extensions, may also be referred to as sneeze guards, add height to workstations and cubicles. Extensions are available for just about every panel system and manufacturer.

There is no need to tear down existing workstations or cubicles to safely separate employees. Save time, money, and disruption by choosing partition extensions for your panel systems and dividers.

Partition Extension Options

Select from different sizes, including custom sizes. Next choose the materials that match your office décor, including:

  • Glass
  • Clear
  • Frosted acrylic
  • Acoustic material in varying colors.

Then decide how you want to attach your partition extensions to existing screens or dividers. For example,

  • Opt for clamps that attach to flat or radius panel tops.
  • Select semi-permanent tape or permanent screws.
  • Choose partition extensions that attach to the base panel magnetically.

Partition Extension Choices

Image to buy Hon partition height extension glass panels

HON Glass Panels

  • 1/4″ thick clear glass
  • Universal clamp bracket fits 2″-3.45″ thick panels with flat or radius trim
  • 24”-96” wide, 15″ & 23″ high
  • Lifetime warranty
Image to buy Ghent partition height extension acrylic panels

Ghent Acrylic Panels

  • Frosted or clear acrylic
  • Universal clamp, tape or screw mounting
  • 24″-59″ wide, 18”, 24” & 30” high
  • Clamps work on square & radius edge (adjust to fit 1.5″-3.5″ wide)
  • Tape & screws work on square edge only PDF

Image to information on Johnson Plastics height extension acrylic partition panels

Johnson Plastics Acrylic Panels

  • Clear .15″ acrylic
  • Frameless, or framed with round or square aluminum posts
  • Attaches with screws or magnetic base
  • 18″-42″ wide, 12″-42″ high
Image to information on Special T height extension acrylic panels

Special T Acrylic Panels

  • Clear plexiglass or frosted acrylic
  • Universal brackets fit all panel sizes without any damage
Image to information on MergeWorks height extension acoustic & acrylic panels

MergeWorks Acoustic & Acrylic Panels

  • Clear or frosted acrylic, and Acoustic EchoScape™
  • Permanent, adhesive or magnetic mounts
  • 24″-72″ wide, 12″-30″ high
Image to information on Enwork Skyline height extension acoustic and acrylic panels

Enwork Skyline Acoustic & Acrylic Panels

  • Acoustic in 3 colors, or clear or frosted acrylic
  • Magnetically attaches to panels
  • 24″-60″ wide, 12″, 16″ & 24″ high
  • Brackets available in 3 paint colors
image Lorell Partition Extension

Lorell Partition Extension

  • Protects both customer and employee
  • Helps block respiratory droplets
  • Clear for better communication
  • 5mm thick acrylic construction
  • LLR55689 clamp sold separately PDF
Image to information on Enwork Skyline height extension acrylic stack-on panels

Enwork Skyline Acrylic Stack-On Extensions

  • Clear or frosted acrylic
  • Silver clamshell style brackets create a sturdy connection to join screens
  • Attach to dividers 1/4”-1” thick.
  • 24″-72″ wide, 12” or 16” high