Social Distancing Mats

Social distancing starts at the door. And social distancing mats are a sure way to enforce social distancing standards and requirements within any facility.

Types of Floor Matting

Rectangular Mats

link to Rectangular MATS

Choose from social distancing, one way and hand washing messages in different sizes, colors and packaging quantities. If you don’t see what you want, please call us for more options.

Round Mats

link to Round MATS

Choose round mats in a 4’ or 6’ diameter. Other sizes and colors available.


link to runners

Choose from mat runners with spacing designations and social distancing messages. Other sizes and colors available.

Why Social Distancing Floormats?

We all want to do our part to keep people safe and healthy.  We do not want our employees or customers to get Covid-19 or any other illness if it can be prevented.  It hurts business.  It hurts our workforce.  And it hurts our bottom line in a big way.  Right now, you can order Social Distancing Floormats and wash your hands floormats, as well as use hand sanitizer floormats, including custom options that show people you care about them and help them stay healthy when they visit your location.  Regardless of your local laws and how bad COVID is in your community, this is a simple safety precaution you can take right now and help people stay safe and stop the spread.


example of printed MATS 1
example of printed  2
example of printed  3

example of printed 4
example of printed  5
example of printed MATS 6

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