Touchless AutoFaucets

Proper hand hygiene is important to prevent the spread of germs. The Touchless AutoFaucets are a user-friendly, touch-free faucet that utilizes Surround Sensor™ Technology to dispense water on demand with a wave of your hand. It is easy to install and the touch-free activation helps reduce cross-contamination.

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How To Choose The Correct AutoFaucet

Step 1: Choose your AutoFaucet design

Milano Autofaucet Polished Chrome
Verona Autofaucet Polished Chrome
Venetian Autofaucet Polished Chrome

Milano AutoFaucet Polished Chrome

Verona AutoFaucet Polished Chrome

Venetian AutoFaucet Polished Chrome

Step 2: Determine the proper plate/cover to cover the faucet holes in your counter

Most faucets are mounted to the countertop using a three hole mount or a single hole mount. The three hole mount is typically a 4″ or 8″ center-to-center design (size). You should be able to visually determine which you are currently using by simply looking at your existing cover plate.

AutoFaucet Cover Plat Options

Step 3: Determine the appropriate “kit” for the type of water scenario you have

Kit 1: For cold water only feed. Includes spout and valve control module.

Kit 2: For cold water only feed. Includes spout, valve control module, and main supply hose (1/2” pipe x 3/8” comp. x 12” length).

Kit 3: For hot and cold water feeds. Includes spout, valve control module, manual mixing valve, and hot/cold supply hoses (3/8” comp. x 3/8” comp. x 12” length). The manual mixing valve controls the water temperature from the faucet (screw setting changeable).

Kit 4: For hot and cold water feeds. Includes spout, valve control module, thermostatic mixing valve, and hot/cold supply hoses (3/8” comp. x 3/8” comp. x 12” length). The thermostatic mixing valve includes an anti-scalding feature that keeps water temp within +/-3°F of the temperature you set with the adjustment knob.

Video and Literature

Congratulations! You are done specifying your faucet.

Now simply use the table to the right and match up the style of faucet (Milano, Verona or Venetian), the type of cover plate (single hole, 4″ center or 8″ center) and the appropriate kit to determine the correct reorder number. Alternately, use the red buttons below to narrow your choice to the style of faucet you wish and pick from the options presented.

Product Features

  • • Touch-free activation eliminates cross-contamination
  • • Sensor technology creates a 3″ omnidirectional sensing zone
  • • Patented Dry Cam-Gear Technology controls the water flow and eliminates solenoid valves to prevent costly repairs
  • • Long battery life 3 years or 400,000 handwashing cycles included
  • • Faucet is low lead compliant and comes with a 0.5 GPM spout
  • • Delivers water only when needed, water savings of up to 70%
  • • Available with optional AC power adapter
  • • Optional thermostatic mixing valve
  • • Complementary design with RCP OneShot soap dispenser
  • • Auto-open line purge eliminates stagnant water & bacterial growth
  • • Optional Flow Control Aerators that deliver 1.0, 2.0, or 2.2 GPM

AutoFaucet Schematic

1) Faucet design (Milano, Verona, Venetian).

2) Cover plate.

3) Valve Control Module. This module, which comes standard with all faucets, helps ensure sanitary flushing of water to eliminate stagnant water and bacteria growth.

4) Mixing Valve. Only required when using hot and cold water.

5) Water supply hose.

AutoFaucet Diagram

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